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Experience the rich classical heritage, romantic ambience and excellent food offered by the beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf. Witness preserved stoned homes, exquisite sights, secluded beaches and hundreds of beautiful bays. While enjoying unique hikes and the opportunity to observe some truly exceptional archeological masterpieces. All within hands reach! Come and sail with us in a luxury yacht charter in the Saronic gulf

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Located directly in the center of the Saronic gulf, blessed with one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, idyllic scenery and neoclassical buildings of past eras.

Draped in green with a combination of immense blue sea, gorgeous lemon and pine trees, with wonderful scenery, all create a beautiful atmosphereCross the channel which separates Poros from the Peloponnese and for a moment feel as if you are sailing on land..!

Location: POROS, Saronic

POROS, a yacht friendly Saronic bliss



One of the most romatic islands in Greece, Spetses will surely bring out feelings of nostalgia when leaving the island. 

Everywhere you look there is a dazzling display of neoclassical mansions and wonderful architecture. With a glorious history, urban legends of battle ships and excquisite bays, Spetses is a excellent location to explore onboard a yacht during your cruise in Greece.

An island you will definitely fall in love with!

Location: SPETSES, Saronic

The aristocratic island of romance


The glorious town of Naplio with; elaborate fortresses, prisons, ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments, statues, Ottoman fountains and neoclassical buildings captivate the visitor with their distinctive architecture and  beauty.

Fully at your disposal is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Athenian heritage. Enjoy exceptional views from the edge of the mountain where the castles dominating structure overlooks the Argolic Gulf. Enjoy a lovely walk in town, taste the diverse dishes and relish one of the most relaxing atmospheres available during your sailing trip on the isles. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the original capital of Greece!

Location: NAFPLION, Saronic

The first capital of Greece that should not be missed


Hydra has everything from poets, tales of pirates, war stories and beautiful classical yachts. One thing not to expect here is cars! Enjoy the feeling of travelling to a time when the world was a simpler place.

Welcome to the island with the most beautiful port in Greece. Experience the vibe of a location unchanged till this very day. Truly romantic atmosphere with lovely little taverns, great hiking trails and incredible sunsets.

Hydra is truly a wonderful place to visit!

Location: HYDRA, Saronic

The time untouched island of Poets


A gorgeous seaside village and wonderful summer destination well suited for family holidays. This small town is constructed around a beautiful natural bay and is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday with nice things to do. There are numerous beaches in close proximity of Ermioni town with prestine waters and lovely scenary.

Home to one of the best natural ports, Ermioni has always been an ideal harbor for yachting enthusiasts. Delicious fruits, top notch fresh fish and unique array of seafood will captivate the senses. Sit back and relax while enjoying a delicious cocktail in the Saronic Gulf. Ermioni has always been an ideal harbor for yachting enthusiasts. Delicious citrus, top quality fresh fish and unique seafood will captivate your senses and allow you to relax, while drinking one of the most relaxing cocktails in the Saronic gulf. A few minutes away you will be ready to dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy the calmness and tranquility on this peaceful journey.

Absorb some history and culture while enjoying a unique holiday experience!

Location: ERMIONI, Saronic

A combination of history with unique quality holidays


Dense green forests flowing down mountains meeting the crystal blue waters of the Saronic Gulf is where you will find the beautiful area of Palaia (old) Epidauros. Well known for the existence of the ancient world’s most famous theater.

One of the many masterpieces of ancient Greek times, the Ancient Theater is truly unique location with dominating presence. Known for its marvelous acoustics, this glorious theatre is still in use today.

It is a lovely destination offering beautiful bays for swimming and pine woodlands for hiking. 

Location: PALAIA EPIDAVROS, Saronic

Perform in the ancient world’s most famous theater


A unique set of colors surrounds the island of Agistri, filled with many wonderful little coves, excellent beaches and gorgeous pine trees.

This island exhumes serenity and beckons you with her crystal blue waters to explore cruising along the nooks and crannies of the island in your yacht. Take the opportunity to dive into one of the best swimming spots in the Sardonic Gulf. Afterards, you can get ready for your adventure in Athens-one of the world’s most ancient capitals-an experience which surely will not be forgotten! 

AGISTRI , Greece

Swim to the island of Turquoise waters before returning to the world’s most ancient capital

Eugene says…

Saronic gulf provides the most relaxed sailing experience. Meaning travelling shorter distances from one island to another and a much higher probability of not experiencing drastic winds which are usually present on a voyage to the Cyclades. Allowing those new to sailing to become more familiar with the concept as well as being introduced to this activity in a calmer fashion as to ensure a more pleasant first time experience. Although many have heard about and would like to visit the Cyclades, which are a wonderful cluster of islands, I would like to point out that the Saronic Islands are of equally beautiful when considering taking a sailing vacation. A truly successful yacht vacation is one which incorporates a great combination of weather in terms of location and goods durations of sailing hours. I highly recommend you take our suggestions under consideration if you are seeking an overall amazing experience. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, I would be more than happy to be of assistance.

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