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Destinations for dream vacations in Greece



On a quest to find the Greek island of your dreams? Start with us, in the Cyclades.

Visit Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, and all the other wonderful Cyclades islands. Dazzling white houses resembling ice cubes from the distance, 400+ azure beaches, white washed little villages, blue-domed chapels, incredible sunsets and a unique array of landscapes with cobalt blue surroundings.

Experience the dream!
Welcome to the Cyclades!

explore 1 week journey


Triggered to experience a joyful full of classical heritage, romantic, all in one sailing cruise?

Sail with us in the Saronic Gulf. Preserved stone houses, exquisite sites, secluded beaches, hundreds of turquoise water coves. Unique hiking trails, booming cuisine, exclusive archaeological masterpieces.

All of them, easy to reach!
Welcome to the Saronic!


explore 1 week journey

or you can choose combo route
and visit cyclades and saronikos

explore 2 week journey

Plan your own journey

Greece has hundreds of islands and unique wonderful places. Both of the above suggestions are some of the options we could offer and propose. If you have a particular island that you would like to include in your sailing cruise please let us know and your route will be altered according to your preferences.

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