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Welcome to Paros

“Where tradition meets class”

A bright jewel of the Aegean

One of the most popular islands in the Cyclades ready to offer her romantic charm and poetic beauty. Paros is an authentic Cyclades island comprised of whitewashed houses, many historical sights and gorgeous beaches. For those avoiding the mass tourism of Mykonos but still want their fair share of bars, clubs and upscale restraunts, Paros surely will not disappoint. The island has a wide variety of endless golden-sand beaches, beautiful scenery, romantic alleys and cliff-top villages. Certainly, an ideal destination when on board a sailing yacht or catamaran.

Paros was once famous for producing marble and was home to the finest white marble in the world. The statue of Aphrodite of Milos was built with Parian marble, as well as many other famous Greek sculptures. There is a very interesting historical sight the Ekatodapiliani Church with a rich history and wonderful architecture to explore during your visit to the island. She has a reputation for excellent seafood and cuisine and over the years has attracted some world class chefs all adding their own flair or twists to the local flavors. Its beautiful landscapes, well balanced character and wonderful aromas all welcome you to her shores.

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Complex of islands:
Cyclades islands




Center Cyclades


Distance from Athens:
96 miles


Famous heritage:
Ekatodapiliani Church


Interesting info:
Finest marble 

Included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades



Visit Ekatodapyliani

The church of Panagia Ekatodapiliani is just a few meters away from the main port of Parikia, the capital of Paros. According to the legend, it was built by Saint Constantine, the first Emperor of Constantinople after the death of his mother Saint Helene. Ekatontapiliani (meaning hundred doors in Greek) has 99 doors and it is believed a secret door will open once the church of Hagia Sofia in Constantinople will be converted into an Orthodox church again. 

Visit the village of Naousa and enjoy a dinner or a cocktail in the main square

Naousa is a classy, little cosmopolitan town and one of the most beautiful locations on the island. In the evening you may take a lovely stroll through the charming alleys and finally top it all off with a exquisite cocktail in one of the most picturesque port towns of the Cyclades. Despite the influx in tourism over the years, the town has kept its charm, authenticity and traditional character. This area should definitely not be missed during your sailing vacation to the Cyclades.

Visit the little island of Antiparos

Antiparos is home to one of the largest and most incredible caves in EuropeThe island attracts visitors from around the world for its rich history and incredible sights. While sailing you can enjoy anchoring in the incredible waters of Despotiko Bay. We highly recommend tasting the fresh grilled fish accompanied by a glass of ouzo in one of the many port taverns overlooking the sea. It is not a coincidence many famous actors like Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Pierce Brosnan have all purchased homes on the island.

Although we always like to remain objective there are things in each island we admire and others we believe you need to be aware of.

A traditional Greek island with authentic Cyclades characteristics

Excellent local cuisine with a variety of modern twists

Rich history and interesting sights

A number of secluded beaches when on board a sailing yacht or catamaran

Well organized facilities and harbor in Parikia as well as a romantic little port in Naousa.


Can be quite busy during July and August

Quite windy, Naousa harbor is unprotected from Northerly winds

When moored in Naousa port can experience swells due to Northern winds

“One of the prettiest islands in the Cyclades, which we highly recommend paying a visit to the picturesque town of Naousa with its charming fish taverns and beautiful little port. Taste the local drink called Souma accompanied with some grilled octopus or some fried calamari”

-Eugene suggests

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  • “Best vacation experience we've had”

    Paros was our favorite in the Cyclades and the whole trip by far. Thanks to George for suggesting it. We ate at several cafes (all good) and had one long nice dinner at Barbarossa which we highly suggest. The most difficult part was keeping my wife out of the small alley shops. The most entertaining part was watching the other charter boats try to dock with mild success. While we couldn't claim to do better if my wife and I were by ourselves we had George's seemingly effortless docking skill on our side allowing us to laugh. We continued to a couple more islands on our way back to Athens. Upon return our travel to our hotel was again coordinated to our delight. We were able to just walk off the boat, have a few farewell drinks the team while talking about our trip, and head off to our hotel. All in all the comfort of choosing where we went and when with the confidence of a local skipper allowed us to experience a wide range of island scenes and thankfully missing most of the tourist hoards. Thanks again for a wonderful vacation. Our only regret is we should have chartered 2 weeks instead of the 1.

    Visited MAY 2016

  • Sailing with

    What a special week we had onboard Pokerstar with a VERY cool and experienced skipper George! 
    Normally the charters start in Athens, however we were already in Santorini (getting hitched) and we wanted to start off in PAROS. Eugene was very accomodating and organised our skipper to sail down to PAROS and pick us up from there. We were a total of 6 onboard (including our skipper) and it was very spacious and comfortable. Although not a SUPER fast yacht (BENETEAU OCEANIS CLIPPER 473) it was definitely equiped with everything we needed (kitchen, bathroom, bedding) and the experience that anyone would want when it comes to sailing the Mediterranean. Eugene was very attentive, always replied in a timely manner to all my emails, and when it came to safety, George our skipper ensured that we were always taken care of. If you want to sail the Mediterranean, is by far the best! Thanks again Eugene for everything!!

    Visited June 2016
    Alexia Kav - Au
  • Greek orthodox church on Paros island

  • Beautiful windmills on a row in Paros island.

  • Naoussa harbor

  • Small alley at Parikia

  • Port of Naoussa

  • The Port of Paroikia

  • View of the main port in sea at port entrance

  • Stone monuments of the Kolympithres beach of Paros

  • The Ekatontapiliani church in Parikia old town, Paros

  • Naoussa town, Paros island

  • Naousa Town Boats

  • Lighthouse on the northern tip of Paros island

  • Picturesque Naousa village, Paros island

  • Monastiri beach paros by G.Maleas 8/6/2016

  • Naousa little town Photo by G.Maleas 15/5/2016

  • Naousa streets maleas 5/6/2016

  • Naousa village maleas 09/07/2016

Beaches worth visiting

Golden Beach (Xrisi Akti)

Xrisi Akti is an award-winning beach on the southeast side of the island. Being the largest in Paros, her golden sand and turquoise waters will amaze you. Definitely one of the best spots for windsurfing enthusiasts from around the globe due to her water sports facilities.

Santa Maria Paros

Santa Maria beach is a stunning beach 2km away from Naoussa. A long stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The beach is surrounded by some green vegetation, making it a great spot for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. It is easily accessible having a few beachside cafes and restaurants, making it a popular spot for tourists.

Punda Beach

Punda Beach is a long strech of golden sandy beach. It has a very nice texture of sand and the water is exceptionally clear. It is popular for divers, surfers and those who are sailing. It can be rather busy in the summer, however when visiting by sailing yacht, you have the advantage of approaching as close as you like, or simply observing from the distance.

Places Worth Visiting

Village of Lefkes

This mountainous village and old capital of Paros, is located on the foot of the hillside, offering beautiful alleyways and traditional architecture. A walk through the narrow streets will embrace the senses and impress its visitors. Observe the sea and Naxos from the astonishing views the village provides from its cafes or local taverns.


Naoussa is a beautiful village on the norther part of Paros, situated between Antiparos and Naxos. It is known for its picturesque harbor and idyllic fishing village. Visitors can explore the winding cobblestoned streets, sample the local cuisine, enjoy a night out at the vibrant bars and restaurants, or relax on the golden sand beaches. 

Venetian Castle of Naousa

The Venetian Castle is located in the port of Naoussa and was built in the 15th century as a fortress to protect the inhabitants from pirates or invaders. Nowadays most of the structure has sunk to the depths of the sea, however it still offers an impressive view.

Ancient marble quarries in Marathi

Did you know that Paros produced the finest marbles of all time? The ancient quarries in Marathi are present till this day and certainly worth a visit. Keeping alive the history of the Peruvian Marble, which was once abundant here. The marble was used to sculpt the Aphrodite of Milos and Hermes of Praxiteles, while the statue of Apollo and many more were crafted from this excellent raw material.

Tastes of PAROS

Local Recipes

Revithada - A local Chickpeas soup, which you can find in many other Greek islands. 

Snails stew - An acquired taste, possibly not suited to everyone’s taste buds.

Octapus -  Make sure not to miss out on this delicious “meze” paired with a glass of ouzo.

Gouna -  a specialty dish cooked with a unique local recipe.

Barbarosa (Naoussa) Greek cuisine

A famous fish tavern in an incredible location in Naoussa port overlooking the sea. It has excellent seafood, specialties and dishes as well as classy international clientele with a great vibe and atmosphere. It is considered a pricy option but is definitely worth a try at least once, when in Naoussa.

the weather
  • Average temperatures reaching 28-30C° during July and August.
  • During peak season it is relatively windy and mooring, anchoring is a little more difficult than usual.
  • Safe anchorage in Paroikia port



Paros greek island

included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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