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Visit Mykonos, Serifos, Paros and all the other wonderful Cyclades islands. Dazzling white houses resembling ice cubes from the distance, 400+ azure beaches, white washed little villages, blue-domed chapels, incredible sunsets and a unique array of landscapes with cobalt blue surroundings. Honestly speaking, the Cyclades has it all! Book your sailing yacht charter in Cyclades today and have the opportunity to experience the vacation of a lifetime. Experience the true Greek Culture, Spirit and History in a week you won’t forget!

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Seductive and peaceful surroundings, hilltop villages and charming white homes welcome you to a relaxing atmosphere on your first stop in the Cyclades.

Tall cliffs and mountains, covered in olive groves, filled with little pathways for hiking, KEA is a real delight!
If you wish to experience the island as the ancients did, we recommend you follow the trails leading to four of the ancient city-states; Ioulis, Karthaia, Korissia and Poiessa.

Location: KEA, Cyclades

KEA, your entrance
into the Cyclades.


Gorgeous combination of Greek tradition mixed with western civilization. Ermoupoli (City of Hermes) is the capital of the Cyclades and once center of industrial trade during the 19th century.

Venetian mansions, impressive neoclassical buildings and white washed homes resemble a colorful puzzle from the distance worth visiting during your sailing trip to the Cyclades.

Location: SYROS, Cyclades

The elegant lady
of the Aegean Sea


Maybe even more popular than Greece herself, Mykonos has the full package! White washed homes, vibrant atmosphere, unlimited parties, crystal clear waters and astonishing sunsets.

The waterfront known as “Little Venice” is known for its excellent cocktails and the beautiful windmills, which overlook the town from the distance. All these feautures can make one fall in love with the island very easily. When in Mykonos it is said the sound of the island's heartbeat pounds so intensely, awakening the soul and releasing all inhibitions! An extraordinary destination for your sailing trip!

Location: MYKONOS, Cyclades

Live the dream! Embrace the vibe! You are in the party capital of Greece!


Among the most popular Greek islands, Paros is famous for its Parian marble, beautiful Cycladic architecture and golden sandy beaches.

Having the largest fishing fleet in the Cyclades it will provide you with all your appetite desires! While the truly romantic character and atmosphere of Naoussa Port will captivate your heart! The Holy Shrine of Ekatodapiliani, a few steps away from the port, will take you on a magical journey into ancient times. As referred in the myth, try to locate the 100th hidden door mentioned in ancient texts. Byzantine pathways, still present today, create unrivalled wonderful experiences on this breathtaking island.

Location: PAROS, Cyclades

Experience the myth and try finding the hidden door of the Holly Shrine of Ekatodapiliani.


Welcome to the tallest city of the Cyclades. Dressed in white and filled with windmills, the city (Hora) looks towards the horizon, above the main harbor of "Livadi".

Local delicacies like “cheese doughnuts”, “xynomyzithra” and local sausage will tantalize your taste buds! While “Souma”, the local alcohol will elevate your spirits and keep you saying “Geia Mas”(cheers in Greek)! Small churches built on the edge of rocky cliffs and hilltops provide epic views of the surrounding landscapes. Lovely little trails and pathways provide the opportunity for true adventures and awesome hikes!


Location: SERIFOS, Cyclades

The loft of the Cyclades


Known for its thermal springs, impressive sandy beaches, Cycladic hills and blue domed chapels, Kythnos demonstrates an inherent Greek character.

A capital with unique charm, lovely pottery stores, white washed shops and excellent eating spots. Not to mention the wonderful vibe and happy people all welcoming you as one of their own! Home to “Kolona”,  a sandy stripe of shore dividing the sea into two exceptional bays waiting for you to drop anchor and spend a night onboard. Friendly people, Cycladic architecture, breathtaking gulfs to visit!


Location: Kythnos, Greece

Join the locals and sing to the rhythm of violin and the lute


If anyone knew where to build a temple, look no further than the Ancient Greeks! Cape Sounion, located 3 sailing hours away from Athens, hosts the temple of Poseidon. A site to behold!

Just 20 miles away, Athens provides the option of exploring ancient and modern Greece at your own discretion. Envision the ancient past, explore the modern cafes and bars, as well as enjoying the Athenian summer! Take a walk on the ancient marble paved streets, relax on the hills observing the Acropolis or simply walk the shore and enjoy the Saronic breeze! 

Sounion, Athens, Greece

Welcome to the world’s ancient capital

Eugene says…

Don’t miss the chance to experience Cyclades!

I understand that most of you are familiar with islands of the Cyclades such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros etc. Truth is that there are plenty more, equally beautiful islands in the Cyclades. It is impossible to see all Cyclades islands in one week therefore we encourage you to share with us some of your preferences (meaning how familiar you are with sailing, the type of vacation you seek, how many hours you would enjoy sailing per day, if you love sightseeing and many others) in order for us to trim your sailing cruise according to your standards. In addition, please take under consideration the weather, since it is important for the trip to be pleasant and relaxing! Email us for anything you may require, I would be happy if we could be of assistance.

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