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“Safe guarded by the God of seas”

Sounion and Athens

Your last stop before heading to Athens is Sounio.  Here you will see the Temple of Posiedon standing impressively on a large cliff overlooking the sea. Below is a gorgeous bay where you may decide to take a relaxing swim taking life easy on the last day of your private weekly sailing cruise. Take an interesting walk up to the temple, then get ready to head towards Athens for the remainder of the evening.We aim to guide you through our wonderful city and offer advice on the key aspects you may want to focus on during your stay. No matter where you are from, Athens welcomes her visitors with open arms! 

The locals offer their world renowned hospitality known in Greece as “Filotimo”. Ancient ruins, temples, and incredible museums await your discovery. Explore the Acropolis, Parthenon and many more historically significant monuments located all in this amazing area. However if history is not your cup of tea, head to the many interesting restaurants, bars, nightclubs and venues located all over town. There is also a tremendous amount of clothing and fashion stores where you may want to do some shopping. No matter what you decide to do, we hope you enjoy exploring the legendary city of Athens.


Southest edge of Attica


Known for:
Facing the Aegean


Sounion Bay


Distance from Athens:
30 miles


Famous heritage:
Temple of Poseidon



Included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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Visit the temple of Poseidon

On the edge of the Sounio Peninsula and southern most point of Attica, stands the impressive remains of the Temple of Poseidon. Perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, this truly is a sight to behold. It is made up entirely of white marble and was built in the 5th century BC to honor the god of the sea. This place will take your breath away with its exceptional view of the Saronic Gulf, history, mythology and extraordinary bright orange sunsets.

Visit the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum

The Acropolis of Athens is a must see location, and is a symbol which epitomizes the greatness of the Ancient Greeks. Its rich history, incredible archeological sites and stunning views will surely have you in awe upon reaching the top. The Acropolis Museum is located just below, here you will discover a vast collection of interesting exhibits and historical artifacts located on each of its four floors.

Walk in ancient agora and plaka

Plaka is the oldest neighborhood in Athens and well worth exploring. Its little colorful streets, charming gift stores, street musicians playing different tunes and artists making caricature portraits create a wonderful stroll through this area. “Agora” (ancient market) which surrounds the Acropolis is the beating heart of ancient Athens, where all political and social activity would take place. Venture into the past and experience the progression of civilization, the birth of democracy and spiritual awakening this city has to offer!

Although we always like to remain objective there are things in each island we admire and others we believe you need to be aware of.


An ideal location to start your sailing cruise

Being the capital, Athens has a variety of sights, activities, venues, shops and restaurants


Has a large bay and lovely scenery

Close to Athens (3 hours sailing distance)



Can be crowded with lots of traffic


A popular location which can be overcrowded on the weekends


‘Sounion, on your way back on Friday is a nice stop to relax after coming back from the Cyclades. The temple is worth visiting. Don’t forget to take a picture of your catamaran once you are at the top of the hill!’.

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Sites worth visiting

Monastiraki flea market

Monastiraki Flea Market is always a fun place to visit. What makes it even more interesting is the action taking place 24 hours a day. Shops are open continuously as well as most being open on a Sundays giving it an active vibe all year round. A lovely walk, where you may stumble upon a hidden gem or pleasant surprise.

Take a bus tour

Once in town you will notice the presence of open roof buses spinning around Athens center. Pleasant, inexpensive rides taking you to the most significant locations and monuments of the area. During the tour there will be a recorded guide provided through earphones all included in the price of the ticket. 

Local Tastes


Once in town and when looking to enjoy a traditional grilled Greek dish try a kebab at “Thanassis” or “Savvas” both in Monastiraki next to the metro station. Although packed with tourists and locals this is highly recommended and will surely be a delicious mouthwatering experience.


Souvlaki is a traditional Greek dish consisting of delicious small pieces of grilled meat and served on a skewer. The meat is usually pork or chicken, but it can also include lamb and beef. Vegetables such as tomatoes, onions,  bell peppers as well as french fries are often included. Souvlaki is typically served with tzatziki sauce in a pita bread.


One of the most famous Greek dishes in the world. Even though many countries dispute over its original origin. Here, in Greece it remains a potato based dish comprised of béchamel and layers of meat which create a combination of delicious flavors. In the old town, many consider it one of the best dishes available and it is honestly difficult to find a place where it is not super tasty!

Stuffed tomatoes

Vegetables, usually tomatoes and peppers, stuffed with rice and herbs. The stuffing is traditionally made with long-grain white rice, herbs such as parsley, mint, oregano, onion, tomato paste, and olive oil. Baked in the oven, this delicious traditional dish, is worth trying during your sailing vacation.

The weather
  • Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters
  • Temperature ranges from an average high of 30°C in the summer months



Included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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