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“Your entrance to the Cyclades”


Although Kea could have been one of the fanciest and popular island destination of the Cyclades, she has remained silent and mysteriously hidden from the chaos of mainstream tourism. Home to unlimited sandy beaches all leading to crystal clear waters, picturesque little homes and villages perched atop the mountains, a variety of gastronomical pleasures and local Greek wines. There are many hiking trails and archeological sites to explore, which are all trademarks of the island. Kea has managed to keep hold of her ancient charm and traditions till this very day! Like an ancient queen of the past, she has no need to advertise 5 star hotels and fancy facilities in order to attract visitors.

Kea is known for its rugged coastline and hidden coves, therefore exploring this island on a catamaran provides a unique and delightful experience, allowing you to appreciate the island's beauty from the vantage point of the Aegean Sea. Sailing around offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and the freedom to explore the Cyclades at your own pace. It's a unique way to appreciate the island's landscapes, secluded beaches, and vibrant culture from a different perspective. When docking in Kea's main port, Korissia, you will discover local tavernas, sample fresh seafood, and immerse yourself in the island's culture.

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Cyclades islands




Western Cyclades


Distance from Athens:
35 miles


Famous heritage:
Kea Stone Lion


Quite windy

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Visit Ioulis (Chora)

A window into its past, Ioulida, is a gorgeous village nestled in the hilltops overlooking the sea. Made up of old mansions, town houses, intricate alleys, fountains, traditional architecture and a castle which is still partially intact. Spend some time exploring the neoclassical Town Hall, which is the work of architect' Ernst Ziller, visit the archeological museum believed to be one of the most significant in the Cyclades and also here lie the remains of the Temple of Apollo as well as others dating back to 530 BC. Walk past the town hall, all the way to the monastery, where you can relax and enjoy a nice meal on the rooftop restaurant overlooking the dreamy view of the horizon.

Try the KEA diving center (available for everyone)

Kea has an impressive display of relics which lay hidden in the depths of her seas. If you are a certified diver you will have the opportunity to visit ship wrecks dating back to World War I with the help and guidance of KEA diving center. For those with less or no experience, you will be guided to other interesting spots on the island, where the waters are more shallow and safe. This island is home to the underwater wreck of a German Junkers 52 aircraft from WWII and the shipwrecks of the HMHS Britannic, the sister of the Titanic, the Greek paddle steamer Patris and the luxurious ocean liner SS Burdigala. These very interesting historical artifacts all lay on the seabed available for divers to explore when visiting the island.

Visit Ancient Karthaia with a Donkey!

Ancient Karthaia was one of the major cities of Kea and archeological discoveries have brought to light the high level of culture and prosperity people had in this area. As mentioned earlier, it was the only place besides Delos allowed to host the primary Olympic gamesThe city had its own currency based on coins and was considered to be one of the most powerful and prestigious places in antiquity. The ancient ruins of Karthaia will remind its visitors how time passes over the ages, while the location will bring out sensations of mystery and serenity. Although the area can be accessed by foot, there is an opportunity to have an interesting Greek Island experience by riding a donkey up to the ruins. Your furry companion with guide you safely up to the top and back down.

Although we always like to remain objective, there are things in each island we admire and others we believe you need to be aware of.

Close proximity to Athens

Various splendid beaches to visit when on board a catamaran

Pristine waters

Main town is in close proximity to the port

Exceptional Cuisine



Tends to be a bit crowded on weekends

Taxis can be hard to find during rush hours

"Kea offers a diverse range of activities for visitors to enjoy, combining natural beauty, outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, and relaxation. Make sure to explore the unique town of Ioulis, wandering through her maze like alleys and interesting town squares. Don't skip on visiting Ancient Karthaia and the Kea lion statue."

-Eugene suggests

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  • We spent a week in the Cyclades with our captain. From planning all the way in early winter though the actual vacation in July everything was seamless with Eugene. He was so responsive and quick, very informative and not pushy at all! Very knowledgable while always taking our needs and wish list into account. 

    Christina S.
  • We had a magnificent 2 week sail in the Cyclades. Eugene sorted out every problem we had with the effortless ease of a master problem solver. It was the dedication of Eugene and his crew that made the whole holiday such a success as well as the beautiful, warm and welcoming sea, islands and tavernas. Yachtsailing are definitely my choice of charterer for the Western Aegean and we look forward to repeating our experience.

    Bing S.
  • Koundouros 

  • Kea "Chora" 

  • Walk at Ioulis Kea

  • Korissia

  • Crystal Waters at Koundouros

  • Kea Poisses

  • Kea Vourkari

  • Koudouros (drone view)

  • Kea Vourkari photo

  • Kea Vourkari 

  • Kea Vourkari view of the south side

  • Koudouros

  • Capital of Kea - Ioulis square

  • our sailing yacht at Koudouros beach

  • ioulis alleys walk

  • Kea Chora

Beaches worth visiting


Well sheltered from northern winds and located in the northwestern part of Kea. Sandy with crystal clear waters, this is a lovely area to enjoy when sailing on a yacht. There are restaurants available and you may choose to stay the night if seeking shelter from high winds and big swells.


This is a lovely little beach in the south west of Kea, having turquoise waters and pretty scenery with valleys, flowers and trees. Its location offers great sunset views, however not ideal when seeking shelter from northern winds or avoiding big crowds in the peak of summer.


A secluded beach surrounded by steep cliffs, with bright golden sand and deep blue waters. For those who need, there are sunbeds and umbrellas available for hire. The beach is accessible via a short hike down a steep path or by boat. The soothing vibe and the extraordinary view make it a perfect stop during your sailing vacation.

Psili Ammos

A gorgeous beach with incredible sand and pristine waters. It is not accessible from land, making it a perfect getaway when exploring by yacht. There are no facilities in the area, which provide the great opportunity to enjoy nature and the elements while diving and snorkeling in the area.

Sites worth visiting

Lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos

Located in the corner of Vourkari bay, lies the charming, stone built lighthouse, which is a point of reference for sailors as well as the inhabitants of the island and one of the main attractions. An excellent setting to enjoy the view of the sun disappear into the horizon!

Kea Stone Lion

The Lion of Kea was carved in ancient times prior to 600 BC. It is a massive rock around 6 meters long created by an unidentified artist as well as undefined time of creation. The lion stone with its peculiar smile is meant to represent a mythical lion said to have almost demolished the island of Kea in favor of the Gods.

Archaelogical museum of Kea

One of the most significant of the Cyclades museums as many of the findings of ancient Kea are still located here. Definitely worth visiting!

Tastes of KEA

Lobster Spaghetti in Vourkari

"Aristos" tavern in Vourkari is known to be one of the most popular places for Athenians arriving on the weekend to enjoy local seafood and other delicious dishes.

Visiting Koundouros with a yacht

  Koundouros is considered a very beautiful bay with nice restaurant options for every taste with delicious local dishes and refined Greek salads.


Sausages and Loza

You will find Sausages and Loza in many Cycladic islands, which most consider their own specialty. The sausages are made following a recipe that has been passed from one generation to the next, primarily from families that were involved in stockbreeding. This recipe is comprised of salted pork, smoked for weeks to create a unique depth of flavor. Some describe it as the Greek version of prosciutto, which will leave an interesting salty aftertaste.

Kopanisti and Ksino

Famous for its varieties of cheese do not forget to taste "kopanisti" -a salty, spicy cheese and "ksino", which is more of a soft, light variant. For all those who love cheese­­, this will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Fresh Salads, tasty tomatoes

The small but very tasty KEA’s tomatoes are some of the best varieties available on the Greek market. Once trying a typical Greek salad ‘Choriatiki’ let us know your opinion of the flavors when you return from your sailing trip!

the weather
  • Quite windy most times of the year
  • Fairly cold, azure waters around the island
  • Nice traditional port close to the main town (Vourkari)
  • Warm weather during summer



included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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