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"The time-untouched beautiful lady of the Saronic!"

The time-untouched beautiful lady of the Saronic!

What is your ideal vacation? Relaxing on an island without any cars? Or visiting a place with beautiful neoclassical mansions built on the waterfront of a port? If you have answered yes to the above questions look no further than Hydra. This island is known to attract artists such as Wilhelm Muller and Leonard Cohen, jet setters from all around the globe, plenty of celebrities drawn to relax here like Sophia Loren, Jackie Onassis, Mick Jagger and many others frequenting the island every year.

Hydra in our opinion has the most beautiful Greek port with exquisite architecture dating back to past eras. Stunning stone mansions are present everywhere, translating into a picturesque atmosphere that will astound you! When arriving in the port, Hydra resembles a painting with a wide variety of colors overlooking the sea. The town is built like a ring around the marina bringing together its natural beauty and architecture in perfect harmony. Upon entering the port it is impossible not to notice the canons aiming towards you from either side. Symbols of the islands distinct character and historical glory.

A truly exceptional island, which as mentioned earlier is car free, meaning you can go anywhere on foot or on a donkey (the island's main mode of public transport). Bringing about a sense of safety and serenity especially when vacationing with small children or older visitors. Famous for the natural and calm demeanor offered to its guests in the day, but also for the booming cosmopolitan night life enjoyed in the evenings. Popular amongst Greek and foreign tourists alike.

There is no doubt for those of us living in Greece that Hydra remains at the top of our list when deciding to enjoy the islands and the sea. It may be the deeply romantic atmosphere or the unique architecture that pulls your attention like a magnet. Truly a worthy stop during your private sailing cruise in the Greek islands!

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Saronic islands


Hydra Town


South Saronic


Distance from Athens:
55 miles


Famous heritage:
The port canons


Interesting info:
No cars on the island

Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf



Go hiking up to the monastery of Prophet Elias

Hydra is an excellent location for hiking, having no cars and the quickest means of transport being a donkey, we encourage a trip up to the monastery of Prophet Elias, located on the peak of one of the tallest hills on the island. Built in 1813 by monks and having endured all types of historical events it remains intact till today. One of Greece’s famous heroes Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned here for a period of time during the revolution against the Turks in 1821. Reaching the monastery is no easy task (2 hours hiking) and is recommended for hiking enthusiasts, who are looking for a bit of challenge.  Be sure to have some water seeing there is nowhere to replenish yourself along the way.

Visit Hydronetta

After experiencing the beauty of the port and exploring the island, you may be looking for a spot to watch the sunset. Look no further than Hydronetta, a bar located on the sea rocks overlooking the sea. It is known as one of the best spots in Greece for watching the sunset! Relatively close to the port, make sure to take advantage of visiting when anchored and enjoying a delicious cocktail while watching the sun go down. You will also notice a canon, which has been there since the revolt of 1821. So sit back, relax and watch the sun disappear into the sea while the wonderful Mediterranean breeze blows through your hair!

Do a donkey ride in the back streets behind the waterfront

In Hydra, one thing is definitely noticeable. There are no cars! The only way for moving around is either on foot or with a donkey. Hire a donkey and move in the town like the locals do! The streets behind the port, may not have the dazzling face of a postcard but surely have a lot of interest in terms of scenery, and affordable restaurants options. The ride with the donkey can take you further away, inside the hills of Hydra, among trees and nature. If you do not prefer walking, the ride can take you up to the monastery of Profitis Elias (included in our top 3), wait for you there and then take you back to the port. The locals will be more than happy to accommodate and assist you with their donkeys in order to get around.

Although we always like to remain objective there are things in each island we admire and others we believe you need to be aware of.

Truly authentic Greek Island

Picturesque and romantic atmosphere

Has one of the prettiest ports in Greece

Has a variety of traditional restaurants and vibrant bars

Exceptional seafood


Small port - limited berths

No water or electricity provided by the port

Hydra is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking islands of the Saronic. She has a small port, limited berths, however most definitely worth visiting. Upon stepping foot on this island, the non-existence of automobiles, serene atmosphere and her incredible beauty will forever be imprinted on your mind.

-Eugene suggests

  • “A great sailing holiday!”

    We sailed as a recomposed family of 6 (2 adults and 4 adolescents). We were well advised from the start by Eugene and found the whole staff to be extremely professional. Our trip through the Saronic islands took one week and we enjoyed every day of it! The boat, Bingo, was plenty large enough for all of us and everyone had a great time. Our skipper, Panos, took all the stress out of the anker manoeuvers in port and gave us great advice on diving spots and restaurants. I heartily recommend sailing in the beautiful waters of Greece and I must stress again the very high level of professionalism we enjoyed. Visited July 2016

  • “Stunning, Amazing Week in the Sardonic Islands”

    Initially we wanted to go to the big white beach greek isles but the wind was too strong. We opted for the Sardonic Islands and were very impressed. The trips between islands were only 2-4 hours so there was a lot of time to spend swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding.We spend half the nights anchored in a harbor, which turned out to be preferred because the kids could swim first thing in the morning and well into the evening. The other half were docked in one of the towns, which was also fun as we explored the islands. The best combination was on Hydra where we docked in the harbor and walked 1 1/2 miles to town for dinner and exploring. This was a divine week and I hope that we return to sail with the Yacht Sailing team again. Eugene and Maria run a great company.

  • View from the sea of the greek island of Hydra by P Phillips

  • The beauty Greek island Hydra by Anilah

  • The harbor of Hydra island by vlas2000

  • Typical white house with flowers on Hydra Island by ivan bastien

  • The picturesque village of Hydra island by kokixx

  • The port of Hydra Island by Haris vythoulkas

  • Donkey at the Greek island, Hydra. They are the only means of transport on the island, no cars are allowed. Photo by De Visu.

  • Night view after a sunset of the port of Hydra island by imagIN

Beaches worth visiting


One of the most beautiful beaches in Hydra. Located on the south side, Bisti is a colorful cove with crystal clear waters and lovely scenery. If anchored in the port of Hydra with your sailing yacht or catamaran, you may consider catching a water taxi to transfer you to Bisti and back once you finish your dives in this spectacular beach.


Another beach famous for its beauty, located on the northern side of the island is Limioniza. More accessible onboard your sailing yacht or catamaran, but also with a donkey ride from town. Feel free to visit this wonderful beach with pristine waters at any time during your stay.


One of the most famous natural beauties of the Greek seas. Dokos was once used by the navy as a strategic location during the rebellion in 1821. Nowadays, Dokos is really a unique place with calm waters ideal to overnight onboard and hear nothing but the wind and the birds. The island is inhabited by few, perfect for diving and experiencing the bottom of the sea. Famous also for the most ancient shipwreck of the world, that was located in the particular sea area. Dokos is surely a must!


Almond Sweets

The island is famous for desserts comprising almonds such as almond pie. The production of almonds sweets goes back to early times and recipes have been cheriched and passed down from one generation to the next. We recommend trying some of the best almond delights found in Greece!

Fresh fish

As you may imagine it is impossible that an island famous for her fishermen will not provide excellent fresh fish. The variety of high quality seafood and fish is truly unique and definitely worth the try of the many selections on offer.

Wine tasting in the sailing Club

Not a typical wine club but more of a fine dining establishment which serves high quality meals and exclusive wines. Here you can taste a variety of excellent wine pairing them with premium fish dishes and high class meals. Prices may be a little steep, however during a unique sailing vacation such as this, it could be worth a try. The venue is situated in the port and can be accessed easily by boat or by foot. Nestled perfectly on rocks above the sea, it serves top end meals with an extravagant atmosphere. Its minimalistic design compliments its surrounding and the outdoor patio offers incredible views of the Saronic Gulf.

  • Average temperatures of 27°C during July and August
  • Quite calm weather all year round 
  • The port is not really sheltered during northern winds, so choose Ermioni instead

The Map of Hydra


Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf

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