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“Saronic Bliss”


Directy opposite the Peloponnese, separated only by a small channel of sea, lies Poros, one of the most interesting islands of the Saronic gulfPoros was formed after the eruption of Methana resulting in two main areas, Spheria and Calabria. Today the main town of Poros occupies Spheria while Calabria is filled with hundreds of pine trees surrounding the famous clock tower of the island. This island is immensely green due to the color of the trees, which from the distance create an exquisite image of its hill connecting with the sea.

Considered by many to be the friendliest yacht destination in Greece as well as having a very rich naval history, dating back to the 18th and 19th century. In the past, Russia had created a shipyard to horde their fleet in order to support Greece during their wars against Turkey. The remains of this dockyard are still present today for visitors to see as well as a very pleasant beach available to enjoy.

Poros is a very hospitable island and has a reputation for treating guests exceptionally well with respect and politeness. Top class fish, affordable prices and extraordinary service are all things you will experience upon your visit. A highly efficient road network allows you to drive around easily and access most locations.

Not to mention all the fun to be had while on a sailing yacht in nice calm weather, unique scenerary and incredible array of little bays available for mooring. Poros is an island which will have you in absolute bliss!


Complex of islands:
Saronic islands


Poros Town


South Saronic


Distance from Athens:
35 miles


Famous heritage:
Clock Tower


Interesting info:
Poros channel formation

Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf



Visit the Clock Tower

Built in 1922, the clock tower is one of the islands most iconic structures which can be seen from almost anywhere on the island. Standing tall in the center of the island, dominating the surrounding view. A walk from the waterfront to the tower might be more draining than you think, however once you arrive at the top surely the reward will be well worth it. The view is spectacular and an incredible breeze revitalizes and enchants you. This being the reason it is such a popular location for well-known photographers trying to capture the atmosphere and incredible views experienced here.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your sailing yacht while you are at the top! The best time to visit would be during the late afternoon or close to sunset, due to the high temperatures present during the day.

Stroll around town, experience Poros by night!

Being close to Athens, one can imagine everything is a little more sophisticated here. This has no effect whatsoever on the relaxed atmosphere and vibe of the island which welcomes you with its colorful gardens and neoclassical buildings. Walk in the main street and watch the yachts mooring along the way, stop and dine in one of the many restraunts available on the seafront (ask your skipper for the best option according to your preferences) and finally return back to town for a fun night out!

Poros is quite lively at night and provides all types of alternatives to enjoy in the evening. For those not interested in fancy party nights, we encourage you to sample a cocktail at one of the many sea view bars or cafes. Taking full advantage of your yacht sailing vacation!

Rent a quad or car to drive around

Our general and friendly advice for all our yacht sailing guests is to experience the essence of each location. Meaning that the true spirit and beauty of the islands can be found in the people, food, history and sights which is a much richer experience onboard a yacht. 

Poros has nice flat surfaced roads which allow you to visit most places and take in the aromas of all the natural suroundings. Also, granting accessibility to amazing views and hidden gems scattered around the island.

There are many car and quad rentals available in order to spend half the day driving around getting acquainted with the locals, testing out less mainstream restraunts and possibly discovering some hidden surprises or beaches.

Although we always like to remain objective there are things in each island we admire and others we believe you need to be aware of.

Close proximity to Athens

Yacht friendly destination (mooring, electricity, water)

Not an expensive island even in peak season

Pleasant climate all year round

Many places to explore onboard a sailing yacht

Crystal clear waters

All sorts of services available on the island


August can be rather crowded

In my opinion, Poros is a wonderful island! It might not be the most traditional of the Saronic islands, however surely the most ideal when visiting by sailing yacht or catamaran. It is truly worth dropping anchor in "Love bay" and spending a night away from the harbor. Offering you the luxury to wake up in a protected bay, surrounded by beauty and taking a morning dive in crystal clear waters!

-Eugene suggests

  • “Great family sailing experience in the Saronic gulf”

    For our first week-long, family sailing-experience in Greece, we had rented a smaller boat (Oceanic 37) from with a skipper. As beginners, we were advised to sail in the Saronic gulf instead of the Cyclades, (which can be very windy), which turned out to be an excellent advice. We had a wonderful experience with the boat, the skipper, Panos, who was an excellent skipper and a very good person for us, and with everything concerning booking and arranging the trip. We would highly recommend this company and this trip for families, and we will surely go again.

    Visited July 2016
  • Traditional fishing boats and local architecture by Jane Rix.

  • A view of the waterfront, Poros, Peleponnese by Jane Rix

  • View on Poros and Galatos by S.Borisov

  • Island of Poros by Pack-Shot

  • Yacht in small bay, Poros by S.Borisov

  • View to the north from Poros island in the Saronic Gulf in Greece

  • POROS, GREECE - SEPTEMBER 4: Boats anchored on Poros island on 4th September 2012 in Poros by kozer

  • Ferry on Poros island in a summer day in Greece by S-F

Beaches worth visiting

Askeli beach

Considered one of the most popular beaches but better to be visited if you are anchored in the bay. The reason being the large crowds and cars trying to access the beach. So the best way to enjoy the exceptional waters is privately on your yacht, not having to deal with the crowded seashore.

Russian bay

An excellent option to anchor, sit back and relax. Very well protected from the northern winds with exceptional scenary, loads of beautiful pine trees and beautiful serene waters. A truly picturesque bay with historical significance and interest.

Love bay

As the name depicts this is a very romantic area with emerald waters sitting below hundreds of pine trees! Definitely one of the best beaches while sailing and looking for a revitalizing dive or swim.

Sites worth visiting

Visit the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

Situated near a small canyon surrounded by trees, only 4km from town is a lovely monestary, which was built in 1720. Probably the most significant religious sights on the island. During the Greek Libereation War of 1821 it was of substantial importance. Providing spiritual assistance to the freedom fighters, as well as social and financial aid. All this is said to have provided the support needed to win the war.

Visit the islet ‘Daskaleio’

There is no way you will miss “Daskaleio” as you sail towards the island of Poros. The small islet located in the center of the sea will mesmerize you with its presence. A small white church is located here and covers almost all the surrounding land which is not touching the sea.

 Swim towards this unique location, once anchored right opposite.

Castle of Bourtzi

Built in a stragetic location, covering most of the land on a small islet, this area was used by the locals to supervise the vessels invading Poros from Hydra. Currently, it is only accessible by swimming or boat. So if you are interested, take a quick stop to visit the region.

Local tastes of Poros

Great fish

Every morning the fishermen of Poros gather in the port to sell their catches from the previous evening. If one of our cooks is present onboard, we encourage asking them to select the type of fish you desire and have it prepared with our own unique recipes. Proving to be a perfect lunch alternative, away from the harbor and relaxing privately in beautiful surroundings.

Citrus fruits

With so many trees and natural scenery everywhere its hard to imagine Poros having a lack of fresh fruit available. Citrous fruits are indigenous to the island and present in juices served by many cafes and restaurants in town. There is also a wide selection of other delicious fruits available to pick from.

The Weather
  • Average temperatures range from 26 ° C to 32° C during summer
  • Bright and mainly sunny weather
  • Sheltered port on the western side of the island
  • Sheltered but smaller marina on the southern side of the island ‘Perdika’
  • Even when windy, the sea does not produce high waves seeing as it is sheltered by the surrounding areas
  • Nice anchorages that can protect you from the wind, our captains would be responsible to advise you



Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf

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