YOU ARE READING:When is the best time to visit the Saronic Gulf on a sailing yacht?
When is the best time to visit the Saronic Gulf on a sailing yacht?
22 Mar 2023
Saronic Best time to sail


The Saronic Islands are an excellent holiday destination for visitors seeking to relax and take in the breathtaking surroundings. These islands boast gorgeous scenery, pristine waters, and a variety of outdoor activities. There are loads of different places and historical landmarks such as archeological sites, museums, traditional villages, as well as interesting churches and monasteries. They have a very agreeable climate and offer great temperatures for most of the year. Yacht chartering season in Greece usually runs from April to October. Temperatures in the summer can reach the high 30’s and be quite humid. This is less drastic when spending your time island hopping or sailing around in the revitalizing sea breeze.

Peak season is in July and August when popular places and destinations could be at their busiest time of year. The beauty of sailing in Greece, is the fact that there are gorgeous low key options and off the radar locations available to visit. As well as the fact that when on a boat you can always escape the crowds and find your own remote area to relax and enjoy each other's company. When considering this exceptional type of vacation, it is best to determine which months are best suited to the activities and style of vacation you would like to experience. The Greek Islands each have their own unique and distinct character which varies at different times of the year. To get a clearer picture we will go through a brief explanation of what to expect from the islands during different times of the year.


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April is a lovely time to visit these islands with pleasant weather, ideal sailing conditions, and interesting activities. The weather is perfect for those looking to hike the intricate pathways and trails leading to interesting sights in exceptional locations. So April is a great time for sailing, the weather is mild and the seas are relatively calm, making it the perfect time for visitors to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the country. May and October are very similar to the month of April, however, have a few minor differences and could suit some more than others. May is almost identical to April in terms of weather conditions and atmosphere. However, going into late May the islands begin to liven up, as well as the sea temperature which makes swimming slowly take over as the favored pastime of tourists and locals. Most venues, taverns, and stores would have fully opened by the end of May, and the islands begin to operate in full swing.

Going into October resembles the month of April in the sense that the massive crowds have left, allowing for easier access to popular spots in different locations, and the chance to be more intune with the natural vibes of the islands. Hiking the many paths available, once again becomes a pleasant experience seeing as the scorching summer heat has passed, and accessing certain archeological sites and natural wonders will be much easier with the absence of large crowds. As far as swimming goes there are still many sunny days in October, however the sea temperature may be too cold for some, and a wetsuit is a good idea for those who want to make sure they get some swimming in.


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Although the above time frames mentioned are favored by many who visit almost every year. The truth of the matter is Greek Summers are famous for their high temperatures, lively summer lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and incredible vibes. When visiting between June and September, expect high temperatures, busy streets, and bustling taverns and town squares. Enjoy the experience of wandering the streets or people watching from a waterfront cafe. It is truly fascinating to sit and enjoy a beverage while watching people from all corners of the world pass you by. Experience the famous Greek hospitality as locals welcome you to get a taste of their relaxed island lifestyle! Gia Mas! 🙂

To conclude, The Saronic Islands are a wonderful destination to visit for most part of the year. The most ideal time to visit would come down to what you are looking to do, see, and experience. Once you have a clear understanding of your wants and desires, you can go ahead and match them to the month you think meets your requirements. These islands are an excellent option for a sailing vacation and pack a lot of activities for a one week charter. From visiting archaeological sites to hiking trails and from exploring caves to sailing around the islands, there is something for everyone. The Saronic Islands are a great destination for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. Whatever it is you are looking for from this vacation, we are sure you will have a wonderful time.


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