YOU ARE READING:8 ways how sailing vacation is better than staying in a hotel
8 ways how sailing vacation is better than staying in a hotel
28 Nov 2015

What comes to your mind when you are thinking about sailing vacation?  That sailing is expensive? That someone needs special skills or knowledge? That you need a certificate?  Most of the people are more familiar with the holidays in a hotel, in addition with renting a car or a bike to explore the Greek islands. Few, really have in mind how exactly they can rent a boat, that is really affordable and that sailing vacation (especially in Greece) is a truly unique experience compared to staying in a middle budget hotel in each island they visit.


It is difficult for people with no previous sailing experience, to believe that they can rent a sailing boat, at such affordable price , almost equal for staying at a middle budget hotel . In that way they can enhance the quality of their vacation by reacting with nature and being part of a magical scenery.


In this article we can see in many ways how sailing vacation is better than staying at hotels in the greek islands and stave off boredom of traditional vacation lifestyle.


Starting from our Tripadvisor page (Yachtsailing.gr tripadvisor page) many of our customers cited their unique experiences that they have lived by renting one of our boats.


“Fantastic Sailing in Greece”

fantastic sailing tripadvisor review

Really, if this team have never tried doing sailing holidays last year, would they have a fantastic vacation in Greece? As stated in the comment on tripadvisor, they knew nothing about sailing but they entered into trying it.


Parse all the reasons why you also should update your next holidays into sailing holidays:

1. The view from the room will never be such perfect as it is onboard. When you wake up at your hotel holidays, you want the view of the room to be unique and enjoy your breakfast looking at the horizon.

sailing view


On a sailing boat this is a default. You will get breakfast on deck and the view will always be there. You have choose where to anchor at night, in order to wake up in the morning and be rewarded by the view.

You want to see the sunrise? There will be! You want to have no sun? Also at your options.

2. With a sailing boat you can reach a port or a beach without waiting, searching for a parking like hundreds others or searching for a point to set up your umbrella. On a boat you can travel as far as you can in order to meet a distant and isolated beach. That what you call freedom on your vacation!easy to reach all beaches and ports

3. You have many options on how to spend your time on sailing vacation compared to traditional ways of holidays. The way you do even the most simple activities in your holidays acquires freedom. You do not have to fear that you are going to start doing something boring or something to be disappointed. All the plans are in your hand.


Here is a list of things you can do while sailing.

4. The destinations that you can access are many more compared to staying in a hotel.sailing-destinaton

In the hotel case  if  you do not have rent any means of transport will be difficult to see many beaches or sightseeings. You will probably need to visit constantly the same nearby.

5. You take the kitchen with you. That means if you have any requirements such as feeding the kids or baking a gourmet meal for everyone, will always be available a kitchen to do.

Have you learned a traditional recipe while islands hopping? You can buy the ingredients  from a local available non gmo grocery of the island and step into the kitchen immediately and bake it.

Finally, If you choose to have a hostess on board while sailing, you can have a small meeting each day to decide what the crew would like to eat and simply deliver it to the hostess. In the hotel vacation case, you do not have the “on demand food” option.Simply select from the menu.

6. You control better your spending. As we said in the previous bullet, you can cook in the boat and save the money would be needed for all the meals and dinners in restaurants. You can also save money from the rental of car or motorbike you would need if you were in a hotel to reach all the beaches. At the sailing boat you will need only the wind.

You can save money you would spend for coffees and drinks to watch the sunset. You are 24h connected to the nature and you can have a drink on the deck staring the sunset for free.
Someone who book a hotel in a greek island it is usual to book also a tour with a boat in order to reach distant beaches that unreachable by car or bike. Thinking of  the whole vacation budget we can say that this is not a negligible cost. With your own sailing boat you do not need this service, and you can enjoy your daily trips without crowding and suffering.

7. Cost value for money for deliverables. Staying in a hotel is simply to have somewhere to  chuck up your belongings and enjoy the sleep after a long day of vacation. The boat story is different. You're part of the boat and you can use it as a vehicle for all your vacation wishes to come true. You are using all day the service you paid. Forget the additional cost of hiring a car and finally not to be able to reach all the spots.


Sailing gives added value and beyond financial it has experiential value.

8. Real life adventures you are going to remember. You will meet experiences that you would not be able to do by staying at hotel room. When was the last time you explored breathtaking locations not reachable by land? Sailing will help you involve with the nature and will give you an adrenaline rush many times in a day.

underwater experiences sailing


 Click here to find a comparative table here.