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10 alternative places to sail in Greece for 2016 (based on a Pinterest board)
30 Oct 2015

We all know that the Greek islands are wonderful and for sure many of you reading this article may have visited some of them. Sailing allows you to reach the most inaccessible places. In that way, in Greece apart from the fact that you should definitely see the beautiful and known Greek islands (as we have described in an earlier post with island hopping) you also have to visit alternative places for sailing.

That unique option a sailing crew has, to be found on any beach possible without any restrictions, give you the chance to visit alternative places and feel that you are really free and finally to make your holiday special from all your past experiences.

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Ιnfluenced by a Pinterest board we decided to present the 10 best alternative spots in Greece, which are actually a perfect option for someone who really wants to do more on sailing, like do sports in the Greek seas or explore the Greek seabed. Among these places are the blue caves of Zakynthos, a unique picture makes you wonder if you live in a fairy tale.  But let's get numerate:


kythira sailing

1. Waterfalls of Fonissa (murderess) at Kythira island

The legend says that the name "waterfalls murderess" came when at the top of the cliff from where the water falls, quarrelled two women and one of them pushed the other and killed. The water running endlessly from the small waterfall and create the first of many ponds as water falls.

A small lake with a depth of about 3 meters that whoever resists the cold water should definitely dive into. The tall trees generously offer their shadow across the path by that beautiful river. The color of the water is simply indescribable. A unique light green color that is difficult to be found either in a color palette.

koufonisia sailing

2. Island of Koufonisia - The secret beach

A rock that surrounds a small beach with white little pebbles and the sea, creating a small natural "pool", impresses anyone visiting the island of Koufonissia.

The name of the secret beach is "Milk" as the beach is a geological phenomenon, with the sea passing under an impressive rock and while foaming, is coming out at  the front side.

lindos rhodes st paul

3. St Paul's Bay, Lindos, Rhodes Island

St Pault's bay is a small, enclosed bay with two small beaches, gives great beauty in idyllic Lindos of Rhodes island. Going up on the hilltop, with your gaze sink into the dark blue sea, faces the famous Acropolis of Lindos.

chania  sailing

4. Stefanou Beach in Chania, Crete Island

Near Chania village Chordaki, the beach "Stefanou" belongs in the area of ​​Seitan Ports, namely the Damned Ports on the eastern steep shores of Akrotiri of Chania and 22km from the city. The gravel that transported in winter period that coming from neighboring pits have created a beautiful pebbled beach, you would not find in the whole Crete.

Two are the main characteristics of the beach Stefanou. First, the inconceivable deep blue color of the sea, and as we have said, is like the waters of the Ionian islands. Second, the vertical cliffs on either side of the beach that penetrate deep into the sea, creating a natural harbor and a well-protected "strip" of water.

kefalonia  sailing

5. Melissani Cave at Kefalonia island (Ionian sea)

Among the most impressive of places in Greece, the lake cave of Melissani, which is located in Karavomylos, between Sami and Agia Efimia at Kefalonia. The depth of the water reaches 39 m. and the age of stalactites are 20 thousand years old. While you are around the lake with your own boat, you can admire the wonderful iridescences on the water, while the sun sneaks through the roof, creating an imposing atmosphere.

parga preveza sailing

6. The Island of Panagia off the coast of Parga, Preveza Parga.

Charming, unique, mysterious. A beautiful traditional settlement built amphitheatrically at the foot of the castle with a long history and diverse natural beauty. The island of Panagia. It is one of the most famous sights of Parga. Arriving at the port with your sailing boat, one of the first thing that will attract your eye is the church of Panagia.

Islet of Panagia, located opposite the port of Parga, is the combination of the small church and the picturesque bell tower and the small castle of French manufacture which dominates the highest point of the island. That is a unique image you must not miss.

syvota ipiros sailing

7.Syvota Hypeiros

Syvota (Mourtos) is a seaside village where the green landscape is embraced by the sea with unique blue that makes an idyllic picture. The place is surrounded by the small islands Agios Nikolaos and Mavro Oros. Also Sivota can be a springboard for a journey into history and natural monuments of Epirus. You can easily reach with your sailing boat.

antipaxoi sailing

8. Antipaxi, Greece.

Located just 3 nautical miles from the port of Gaios, Paxos (see the nest spot). Very beautiful small island with beautiful beaches.The island is all green with cypresses, cedars, lentisks, myrtles, oaks, pines and isolated areas pines, that stand with height and volume. Furthermore, the landscape is filled with vineyards that produce excellent wine, and for the wine tasters this is considered a paradise.

paxoi sailing

9. Paxoi

Paxoi island is another very popular destination for sailing, but actually remains alternative as you can find many places that have not been explored. The myth says that Poseidon, wanting to create a ... love nest for himself and Amfitriti, struck his trident at the southernmost tip of Corfu and formed the small group of islands and islets of Paxos and Antipaxos. Just, then, seven miles south of Corfu, 8 from the coast of Epirus and 12 from Parga "floats" a green island with turquoise waters and impressive caves, picturesque villages and incredible beaches. A real paradise in the middle of the Ionian Sea, whose every corner seems as if sprung from painting.

zakinthos sailing

10 and last is Zakynthos

One of the most beautiful parts of Greece to visit someone for sailing is the Zakynthos. The "Blue Caves" is one of the best known and advertised natural attractions of the island that you can visit, either on your own sailing boat. Blue Caves are composed of idiotype geological formations that have created a series of caves along the northwest coast of the island. They begin immediately after Agios Nikolaos to end near Schoinari cape.

There are many reasons to rent a sailing yacht in Greece. Today you faced more ten.

And the most important thing is that all ten new grounds are alternative and it will be difficult to resist something so unique. If you need help to reach the points that we recommend, you can contact the team of Yachtsailing.gr and get all the information you need or if you do not own a sailing certification we will help you with choose one of our  professional skippers (here's how to select the concept to sail with skipper in Greece). Do not waste any more time, book now your own boat to sail Greece next summer of 2016 and experience all the wonderful places and courses you have read above!

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