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20 things to do while sailing (the tangled list)
14 Nov 2015
things to do while sailing in Greece

One of the most common questions is whether or not people get bored after sometime on a sailing trip. For those who are not familiar with sailing, this is a very reasonable thought to have and wonder about.

Some may think that the biggest threat to ruining a sailing vacation is the factor of boredom. However once aboard it will be easy to recognize how time flies when you are enjoying these stress free moments at sea and in the islands. Many who have been on a one week charter have said that it was not enough and they wish they had booked a two week sailing vacation.

We had built up so many suggestions of things to do when sailing, but we limited them to 20. Upon reading this article you will soon see how easy it was to get carried away with the vast amount of things one could decide to do aboard a yacht. Although it is still quite a long list, we decided to keep the best for last.

If boat maintenance and that type of thing intimidate you, we can provide a skipper and a hostess, so move along to the more exciting topics on the list.

Check out our detailed and informative list:


Keeping cabins clean and tidy:

Although this sounds like a tedious thing to do on vacation, having your belongings in an organized manner, as well as clean and tidy cabins will greatly improve the comfort of your boat. It will also save valuable time so you can really appreciate the priceless moments during your trip.

Check out this unique Pinterest board we found about sail boat organization.

Organize your meals:

It is a good idea to keep an inventory of your food supply and necessary items. Whenever something is missing you will be prepared to purchase the items you need from the first available port. This needs some extra care and attention when young children are onboard, you want to make sure you don’t not forget anything that is vital to their comfort and needs.

Enjoy your favorite novels:

It is a good idea to make a reading list before your trip. Either bring them along or download them onto your tablet or iPad. Nothing beats a good book as a companion during your sails.

It is a good idea to book your trip earlier, this way you can organize the reading you would like to do without any stress or last minute decisions.

Educate yourself in understanding navigation maps and using a compass:

Or go ahead and ask someone with the knowledge (maybe a skipper if you have requested one onboard) to show you how to read these maps, how to use the compass, and to explain the main principles of sailing. Learning the basics will help you understand the art of sailing and can be an inspiring experience.

Practice splicing and knotting ropes:

You can always ask your skipper to demonstrate the most commonly used knots and how to splice in order to take part in assisting him and the rest of the crew.

Check out this useful site:


Write your own blog:

Remember that intriguing blog you created, which you found so interesting? Why not get it started again? Log in and write about your new daily adventures. Upload all the wonderful pictures you have captured, then share them on your social media accounts.

Inspect the sails:

Have they been loaded correctly? Are they possibly worn down? If so, you should tend to them immediately. In the instance of strong winds, if the rags are worn they may be torn!

Create a message in a bottle:

Why not try some sea therapy? Write a message, insert it into a bottle and throw it into the sea. If you have been holding something in, this is the perfect opportunity to release any negative emotions. This is said to be a form of psychotherapy, and many have said it has a truly soothing and therapeutic effect on the mind!



message in a bottle

Clean out the raw water filter:

Assist the skipper to do so in the case he needs it done, or asked to be shown how to do it for future reference.

Inspect the anchoring rope:

In the case you notice any damages, inform whoever is responsible to replace it immediately. It will be too late if your anchor is lost along the way.

Play a bit of guitar.

learn guitar while sailing

Do you play any musical instrument? Maybe someone in your crew has the know-how to teach you a thing or two during your journey. If you do not have a physical instrument, maybe try one of the many applications available to get your artistic side flowing.

Caution! The boat interior could get quite noisy! Do not try it inside, you would like the rest of the crew to be in good spirits during your trip! 🙂




Check the weather on a daily basis:

A main component of sailing is the weather. Invest some time into checking possible weather patterns over the next couple of days. How you may ask? Why not use the many websites available in Greece, or download a reputable application for your mobile or tablet.

If you are on a bareboat during your sails in Greece, this is very important to consider and you can always double check with the local port authorities and services if the information you collected is accurate.




If you are on a bareboat sailing in Greece, this is important and you can double check with a local public port service.

 sailing yoga in Greece

Practice yoga onboard:

In case you were wondering, you have everything you need to focus on a yoga session. The glorious sunshine, fresh air, and serene atmosphere should help maximize your yoga workout! All you need is a mat and you are set to go!

While sailing the yoga positions you practice can prove to be a little more challenging, making it more fun and empowering.

Clean the deck:

Feel like the pirates you have seen cleaning decks in countless movies. Certain parts of the boat, especially the wooden ones will need a little more attention. But nothing, a little vinegar and some elbow grease won’t solve it! ;) 




Create a postcard from each Greek Islands you visit:


greek postcards

While island hopping the Greek Islands, you may purchase, write, and send a postcard to your family and loved ones back at home. If sending mail sounds tiresome, why not go ahead and send it digitally with a picture by email, facebook, or Instagram.

A real-time opportunity for your friends and family to view your experiences sailing in Greece and all the lovely sights.


Get lost in the stars learning astronomy:

After a long day of entertainment, hang out on the deck learning the constellations. By using astronomy books and mobile applications, everyone can become more acquainted with the solar system, planets, stars, and galaxies. Astronomy helps people understand the universe and how it works.

Here are some cool sites:

Sky map:


Star tracker:


And more you can find here:



Begin the day with a morning run:

When anchored in a lovely island port, you have the choice to begin the day with a brisk walk, jog, or run. A really healthy way to get acquainted with your surroundings and get to know the island a little better.


Whip up some traditional Greek dishes on the boat:

If you do not have a hostess onboard, the locals on the islands are more than willing to hand over some delicious traditional recipes for you to make. Take advantage of the fresh local markets, butcheries, and fruits stores where you can purchase your delicious ingredients. If there are children aboard why not take them along, this will surely bring them excitement and joy with the many things they will get to see venturing around the island stores and towns.

If you would like to learn some recipes before your arrival, here are some relevant articles:


Enjoy a drink on the deck:

And feel like you are in your own exclusive bar on the island.




Get a Tan – The Mediterranean way

tanning while sailing in greece

It’s hard to imagine a better way to work on that tan. Always keep in mind to use some sunscreen and moisturizers, seeing as the Greek sunshine can be harsh at certain times of the day.



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