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Top delicious dishes of the Greek islands
27 May 2015
greek food while sailing

We have been discussing for the island hopping where you can visit many of the Greek islands during one trip. You can explore different places every day and approach new scenery at a time. The added value when sailing with a yacht is that you can experience different recipes of each island and taste delicious dishes that will be difficult to forget.

Although there are hundreds of recipes in all the islands below we have listed the ‘must order’ dishes you should definitely taste when you visit Greece.



The famous Souvlaki (Pita Gyros)




 Greek Mousaka

mousakasmousaka greek dish

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Grilled tsipoura and fresh fish




Greek salad (Choriatiki with feta cheese)







Feta cheese, FOR Spinach pie (SPANAKOPITA)



Greek stuffed tomatoes



Giaprakia from Santorini (NTOLMADES)



 Tomatokeftedes (tomato fried balls)



Revithokeftedes from Sifnos (Chickpea fritters)



Sofrito from Corfu 



Fava of Santorini (here you can find a post about Santorini)