How does it all work?
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04.23 min
How boat chartering works

Let's discuss what to expect when onboard, and what basic points you need to be aware of when planning a sailing vacation.

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02.46 min
How meals work on our sailing cruises

A guide containing basic practical information on how meals work and key points when considering such a trip.

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How to plan your sailing itinerary in Greece

Greece has more than 2000 islands providing innumerable options to see within one or two weeks. Check some basic points that will help you understand basic points for the best route planning.

Our top 5 questions
What are the extra costs we should expect apart from the yacht price?
Is it possible to include Santorini within a weekly cruise?
Are meals included in the price mentioned? What is the cost of food for 1 week?
How do we select the itinerary? Are there route examples?
How does it work with the food?
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Crewed trips (skipper and cook)

All you need to know in case you consider a crewed sailing vacation with our skipper and a cook

Skippered trips (without hostess)

If you have selected to sail just with a skipper and not to hire a hostess this is the section for you

Answers on planning an itinerary

Things to expect, points you need to be aware of, hints on the best Itinerary planning and much more

The Greek islands at your fingertips.

An authentic and genuine experience of the Greek Lifestyle. Historyculture, and flavors this beautiful country has to offer. Taken to breath taking views, taverns, bars, and beautiful beaches. As well as Incredible landmarks and monuments which echo back into the ages.

Little Cyclades
Dreaming of sailing Greece? Find the right yacht for it

Release your inner child while sailing to some of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Not only will you be guided to some of the most hidden and remote locations, but also will be given the chance to immerse yourself into the Greek Culture like no other opportunity before.