YOU ARE READING:Sailing the Sporades Islands by Crewed Catamaran: A Greek Island Odyssey
Sailing the Sporades Islands by Crewed Catamaran: A Greek Island Odyssey
20 Apr 2023

Although this region may not be as commercialized or as well-known as the Cyclades Islands. Many may have heard of Skopelos and Skiathos which are famous for the filming of the movie MAMA MIA. This complex of islands is made up of dense green pine forests, beautiful sandy beaches, and an incredible variation of turquoise and  aquamarine waters with different tones and colors scattered across the many little beaches and bays located all over these islands. Skiathos is the most commercial and organized, next would be Skopelos, then Skyros, and finally Alonissos which is the quietest of the bunch.


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The Sporades Islands are an exceptional playground when cruising around these breathtaking areas. Your crew will have thorough knowledge of all the hidden coves, beaches, and off the beaten track locations. Allowing you to discover some truly unique and beautiful places. They will also be able to lead you to the liveliest and best rated establishments during your stay here. This is an incredible advantage, seeing as no time will be wasted trying to figure out what is the best plan of action. Simply let them know what types of activities and preferences you have and let this excellent team do the rest! 

By sailing or as many have come to know as island hopping, not only can you take advantage of visiting these amazing places, but also seize the opportunity to discover all their beauty, culture, and gastronomy. When cruising onboard a crewed catamaran you will not only have the skippers in depth knowledge of the islands, but also have the chance to visit hidden gems, enchanted bays, and secret locations. This way avoiding the touristic and pretentious areas while on your Sporades sailing vacation.

During a crewed catamaran charter the crew would mainly comprise of your skipper, hostess, and cook. Boats, especially catamarans have become like floating hotels, making it the best way to experience a Greek vacation and the islands. With a vessel which can provide as much privacy as you like, you have the chance to visit different places throughout the week, accessing unreal locations which are unreachable by land.

A perfect example of this is Lalaria, which is located in Skiathos. This beach is famous for its crystal clear aquamarine waters, and smooth white stones which make up the shore and the sea floor. This area is not accessible by land and is usually offered as a day trip around the island. When visiting the Sporades by catamaran there will be an incredible array of enchanted bays and secluded beaches to drop anchor and spend a night under the stars. Skopelos is filled with wonderful beaches with impeccable waters which are usually surrounded by exceptional greenery and lush vegetation. Skyros also has its fair share of lovely beaches, as well as Alonissos which also has an interesting marine park and is conservation land for unique species of flora and fauna, specifically the monk seal which has been categorized as the number one most endangered marine mammal.

While enjoying this wonderful and unique opportunity to explore the Sporades, all guest will awaken to the gorgeous aroma of a lovely breakfast prepared with love and care by your personal cook. This will usually be in a breathtaking bay, remote location, or picturesque little port in one of the above mentioned islands. Here you may choose to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, sit around and relax while taking in the breathtaking scenery, or simply let your guard down and dive into the crystal clear waters getting a taste of the adventures the day has to offer.

As you are now ready to begin your day, set sail and observe the beautiful pine forests scattered upon the landscapes which surround you and the incredibly blue sea with wonderful surroundings. Indulge in a refreshing cocktail handmade by your hostess exclusively for your pleasure. While absorbing the incredible atmosphere on your tailor made adventure! Enjoy priceless moments with your loved ones capturing memories of a lifetime, while having the attentiveness and care of your crew always at your side. Upon request receive detailed information of the locations you are visiting as well as the best recommendations for any activity or point of interest you may require.

All this should help build up a healthy appetite, making it the perfect time to taste the tantalizing flavors of the Greek Cuisine. Your cook would have prepared an exceptional lunch with carefully selected ingredients from local produce which will be perfectly executed by your cook and served by your hostess. All guest preferences would have been taken into account as well as any information of allergies or dietary restrictions anyone may have. Everyone will soon discover that their meals onboard will match if not surpass many of the meals they will encounter on the islands they visit. Savor these moments on your own private balcony in the Sporades.

The time has arrived which most have been waiting for, your first stop at an island. You can choose to explore the charming little cobbled street alleys and welcoming little stores. Or pursue the history of the island by hiking to the many churches and historical landmarks and simply enjoy the impressive views of the sea and lush vegetation which are common amongst the Sporades Islands. Otherwise simply pick to relax like a local at the many cafes-bars enjoying a coffee, cold beverage or specific specialty offered on the island. Skopelos is famous for its distinct spiral cheese pies, while pretty much all the islands mentioned are famous for their excellent fish dishes with each having their own unique dishes or delicacy.

As the evening approaches the moonlight illuminates the picturesque architecture of the islands while the scent of exquisite flavors fill the air luring you to the local taverns and restaurants. Trust in your captain to refer you to the best recommended eateries or invite him along for a true introduction into Greek festivities which always begin with delicious meals for all appetites. This is where you will come to understand and feel the world famous “Greek Hospitality”!  Upon completing your meal everyone may decide to return onboard to relax and unwind preparing for the following days excursions. Or continue to explore the many bars and night spots available to enjoy till the early morning. Although Skiathos, Skopelos, and Skyros offer different forms of evening entertainment. Alonissos is popular for its quiet secluded nature where most go to get away from the bustle and hustle. However if an upbeat night life is what you after, Skiathos surely will not disappoint.  

Your captain and crew are at your disposal for any requests or assistance you would need at any point during your trip. As mentioned the advantage of a crewed charter is having their professional guidance onboard as well as their in depth insight into the locations you will be visiting. All in all a crewed catamaran charter is easier to accomplish than many may think. With the right people to guide you and a little research you could have the vacation of a lifetime in a country blessed with plenty of sunshine and incredibly beautiful beaches. 


Featured Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash