YOU ARE READING:Sailing in Agistri (or #Agkistri)
Sailing in Agistri (or #Agkistri)
4 Dec 2015


Where to moor


Weather conditions in Agistri


Where to swim


What to eat (traditional)


Agkistri sailing maps and info

Part of the Saronic Gulf, Agistri, between Aegina and the Peloponnese, offers a truly quite stay to those who choose it for holidays. Thanks to the peaceful scenery, wonderful beaches and turquoise waters Agistri is a unique sailing destination.

 sailing agistri island

The southwestern part of the island, west of Limenaria village with traditional taste and color, is Aponisos, one of the most picturesque corners of the entire Gulf Islands for your sailing vacation in Greece.

 pine trees in agistri

The setting is idyllic, with pine trees reaching the sea, the view to impress and crystal clear waters to fascinate holidaymakers with superb color combinations.


The amazing colors combination, the sound of the waves, scent of pine, the atmosphere reminiscent of the old Greek times gone by,  are some of the elements that surprise and delight those who decide to visit the full of pine trees and welcoming Agistri.


Where to moor in Agistri island

skala port 

Skala port is the second one  in Agistri island, along with Milos (also called Megalohori). Mooring in Skala's port is recommended only for small boats, because it is really shallow and has reefs right in front of the port's when it comes to entrance. There is area also for larger boats, but it is dedicated to the ferries only. Larger sailing boats can moor in Milos, which has a small marina.


In addition, SKALA port is not really protected and therefore we do not suggest as an anchorage. However you may anchor temporarily for some hours - and only when the sea is calm  (good weather)- on the northern part of the port, next to the ferries' dock with mooring lines tied on the shore's rocks. There, the waters are transparent and you may use the tender in order to disembark on the dock.


DANGERS: As said before, there are reefs in the port's entrance

sailing agistri

sailing boats in Agistri

agistri gull flying

Dragonera beach

agistri beaches

on the rocks

Weather conditions at Agkistri


We can say that Agistri island is inside a protected area of the Saronic gulf, in that way enjoys good weather conditions almost most of the year. Winters at the Agistri ashore and sea are mild, and of course summers are really hot and dry. The winds are light and soft, most in spring and summer period.

The temperatures are reaching 20-25 degrees (calculating celsius equal to 68-78 fahrenheit) at the autumn and spring, being warm and sunny most of the time.

Finally at the summer time, the average temperature may vary between 25-31 degrees celsius (77-88 degrees fahrenheit)

Where to swim with your sailing boat

xalikiada beach agistri

Chalikiada beach

Where: 4 km south west of Megalochori

More info: This is a really large beach close to the port of Agistri, Skala. Green cliffs surround this sandy coast, that is totally unorganized.

Type of beach: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded, Nudism Friendly


Chalikiada beach is a unique sailing destination and you can moor temporary in order to do a splash.


Skliri beach

Where: 3 km south east of Megalochori

More info: This is a secluded bay with crystal water. Visitors have to climb down a narrow path to get to the beach, but someone who comes from the seaside can reach very easy.

Type: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded


Another non organised beach, really pure waiting for your sailing adventures.

Xekofti beach

Where: 1 km west of Megalochori

More info: The secluded beach of Xekofti is totally remote ideally shaped for sailing, even in high season. This is the perfect place for total privacy.

Type: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded

What to eat to Agkistri island

As in every greek island you can find all the greek traditional recipes. Take a taste in this article about greek food while sailing. 


eat at agistri


Agistri island - Greek Holiday Paradise from Web Girl on Vimeo.