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What to do in Poros in 24 hours
17 Feb 2023

Poros is a gorgeous little Greek Island located in the Saronic Gulf. It is located in very close proximity to Athens, and very easily accessible by boat. The Island has a reputation for gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush green hills filled with pine. There is a very rich history and variety of sites to explore for those interested in the culture and history of the island.

This is an exceptional location for getting away from it all, relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying the various beaches at your disposal. Activities such as hiking, biking, and water sports are popular pastimes as well as many more outdoor activities you can take advantage of in this beautiful setting. With its tremendous beauty and variety of things to do, it is a truly wonderful place to relax, explore, and unwind. Spending 24 hours here is an excellent option to take advantage of while on a yacht sailing vacation of the Greek Islands.

When visiting or stopping over for the day, it will quickly become apparent how many things there are for everyone to enjoy. Families, couples, young and old, will all love exploring the many cobblestone alleys of the town, while soaking up the island's vibe and its vibrant atmosphere. While strolling along the waterfront one can admire the exceptional views of the marina and the coastline. Sailing around the island there will be a vast amount of secluded coves and secret swimming spots. You can also simply laze about on the beach all day or take part in the many water sports available. Besides its beautiful scenery the island also has a good reputation for delicious traditional dishes, grilled meats, and fresh seafood.

Possible things to do in Poros:

1. Visit the Poros Clock Tower

2. Spend the day at Askeli Beach

3. Visit the Kalavria Monastery

4. Explore the Poros Archaeological Museum

5. Go sailing around the island

6. Take a hike to the top of the Poros Hill

7. Go for a swim in the crystal clear waters

8. Visit the Temple of Poseidon

9. Enjoy some fresh seafood at one of the many local taverns

10. Spend the day relaxing at the Beach Bars

There are a number of taverns spread out all over the waterfront where you may sit back relax, have a meal, quench your thirst with a cold refreshment, local beer, or a glass of wine. For those interested in its history, the day can be spent exploring the many sites, like the Temple of Poseidon and the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi. There is also an abundance of churches to visit such as the Church of Agios Nikoloas. Last but not least, it is highly recommended to hike up to the clock tower which is the biggest attraction on the island, from here expect to see exceptional views and incredible sunsets. Poros also has some interesting museums which offer visitors an opportunity to explore and learn about the history and culture.

Among the museums in Poros are the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Poros Naval Museum. The Archaeological Museum features artifacts and exhibits that trace the history of Poros from ancient times to the present day. The Maritime Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the nautical history of the island, while the Folklore Museum houses a collection of traditional artifacts. Finally, the Poros Naval Museum provides an insight into the island's military history, displaying various artifacts from the Greek Navy.

Sailing in Poros is an excellent way to explore the island's stunning coastline and take in the beautiful views. You'll get to explore the nearby islands and bays, swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters, and take in the stunning views of the Greek countryside. As you sail around Poros, you’ll have the opportunity to visit local villages and explore the local culture and history. You can also sample some of the local cuisine and perhaps purchase some souvenirs in the local shops. At the end of your day, you'll return to the harbor, having experienced an unforgettable afternoon of sailing.

During the evening, there will be a number of different fun things to do while on your Greek Island vacation. There are numerous night spots, bars, taverns, and fine dining venues. These all await your discovery and are dedicated to your pleasure. For the young at heart, the many bars, beach bars, and nightclubs will surely be adequate for a fun night out in town. Those looking for quiet evenings, the starlight and many beachfront taverns are an excellent option to relax and converse with friends and family. Put simply, Poros is a perfect 24hr destination for a yacht sailing vacation in the Greek Isles.

The stunning beaches, lush green scenery, and charming architecture will please all who visit. Whether it's a romantic getaway, exciting adventure, or lounging on the beach all day, we are sure it will create everlasting memories during your yacht sailing vacation of the Greek Isles.


Featured Photo by Ernests Vaga on Unsplash