Family Sailing Holidays in Greece - Guide 2017

Family Sailing Greece Guide


Family Sailing in Greece




When sailing with kids (especially younger ones) it is usually better to shorten the distances or plan stops in between your destinations, where you can have a swim and relax, so that kids will not be tired from long distance sailing. Always consider the weather before planning your route and try to have a backup plan just in case. In Greece especially in the Saronic and the Ionian it is easy to plan short sailing days or stops in between your destinations. When on a skippered charter your captain will also provide suggestions and ideas. 

shorten sailing distances




Children nowadays are used to being in front of electronic or digital devices, which makes their minds on alert. While sailing, you can provide them with many ideas of activities like fishing or canoeing and of course swimming. While on land kids can follow excursions, trekking and sightseeing. Kids can also learn how to sail. On a skippered charter children can ask from the captain to teach them from nautical knots to sail trimming and anchoring.

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It is a good idea to have a safety net around the yacht when sailing with children younger than 5 years old. It gives a better sense of safety and can prevent their toys from falling into the water. Remember to ask for your safety net at least two days prior to your arrival.

Safety Net


Anyone at any age might be affected by sea sickness. You can find medicines on board on all our yachts, but if you know that someone from your family suffers from sea sickness, remember to get some of the medicine that he is used to with you. Don’t forget to pack your medicine if you suffer from anything that needs to be treated daily.

medical provision



The sun is what helps our body produces vitamin D which is important for our health. But exposing your body to the sun can be very dangerous in the summer. Remember to always wear sunscreen to you and your children and protect them also with light white clothes. Hats and sunglasses are also important for everyone on board. It is also important to drink a lot of water so remember to buy a lot of water before you are out in the sea. Although the water tanks of the yacht are filled with fresh drinkable water we suggest not drinking it, or using it in cooking as it stays in the plastic tanks and it would be safer to buy bottled water.

Sun and water dangers


The most enjoyable place for water sports are small bays that you can find all around the islands. After you anchor you can drop your SUP’s and canoes to the water and enjoy races or even an afternoon workout together with your children. Just remember to order your extras (SUP and canoes) before your embarkation so that you can have them on board and use them at anytime.

Water Sports


While sailing in the Greek islands,  older children can be also occupied with family board games like UNO, battleship, Trivial pursuit and other type of card games. And for little artists, drawing can be something that can occupy a child for some time while sailing. It is good to have things like that on board that can help children have a good time and prevent them for getting bored.

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