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Sailing in Poros island ( #Poros)
12 Dec 2015

Where to moor


Weather conditions in Poros


Where to swim


What to eat (traditional)


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Sailing in Poros island saronic

Inside the Saronic Gulf, Poros, is only separated from the mainland by a 450 meter strait. Poros island is mainly known as a weekend Athenian invasion destination. Consists of two separated islands, Sferia where the town of Poros is based and it is a the side of Peloponnese, and the more extensive side which is Kalavria. In fact Poros is two separated islands by a shallow engineered canal (kanali).


When you arrive at Poros harbour you can see many  young people, cafes and restaurants and the fishermen sell their daily catches directly from their boats and you can not find more fresh fish anywhere in Greece. Like any other greek island, Poros harbour and town, is small and picturesque and you can go through easily by foot.


Two  quick attraction to visit at the Poros island, is the old historical Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi which is located 4km at the east of the main town of Poros island and is built on the slope of a dense pine forest, and the second one is the Temple of Poseidon built during the sixth century BC.

 temple o Poseidon Poros island

The Temple of Poseidon is located in the northern part of the island. You can see mere ruins that  remains today of this sanctuary. The ancient days, the temple used to be the center of the Kalaureian Amphictyony that functioned as a voluntary cooperative for dealing with religious as well as civic issues for city states including Epidauros, Prassies, Hermione, Aigina, Athens and Orhomenos.


Where to moor in Poros island


In most areas there are shallows near the channel of Poros. That is the reason you have to be careful and stay close to the island and keep a safe distance from the mainland in order not to collide. The priority goes to the ferries when entering the canal even when under sail. You are more flexible inside the canal and it is much easier for you to maneuver.


If you moor in the north-west part of the harbour, you have to use as much chain as possible because the wakes of the ferries that passing by, can lure your boat. If you decide to moor on the south-east dock, be aware that some of the berths are private, so be careful. Ask politely if you can moor there in order not to create trouble or be overcharged.

 mooring - anchoring poros

russian dockyard

If you do not feel like mooring there, 2,5 miles away from the canal you can find the Russian bay, which is a perfect place to anchor. (Click here to find it on the google maps  ). The place of Russian Bay is consists of two little bays and a small island near in front. On the top of the bay is waiting a beautiful chapel. The name came from the bays that used to be the headquarters of the Russian naval base.

 anchoring at Vydi (vidi)

When Poros has northerly winds, there is one and only place to anchor, and this is Vydi. Although the place is not exactly at the island, it is very quite and you will have a peaceful night there.

Poros Town

traditional wooden boat poros

weather conditions in Poros

Weather conditions at Poros


Poros island is, as we said before, inside a protected area of the Saronic gulf, in that way enjoys good weather conditions almost most of the year. Winters at Poros ashore and sea are mild, and of course summers are really hot and dry like all over Saronic Islands. The winds are light and soft, most in spring and summer period.

The temperatures are reaching 20-25 degrees (calculating celsius equal to 68-78 fahrenheit) at the autumn and spring, being warm and sunny most of the time.

Finally at the summer time, the average temperature may vary between 25-31 degrees celsius (77-88 degrees fahrenheit)

swim at poros

Where to swim with your sailing boat

Kalavria beach

Where: On the eastern coast of Poros lies the charming and picturesque fishing village of Kalavria and the Kalavria beach.

More info: It has a wonderful sheltered pebble beach with really very clean and calm waters.

Type of beach: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded


Kalavria beach is a also a sailing destination and you can moor temporary in order to do a splash.

Goat at the beach

Askeli beach

Where: 3 km north east of Poros Town

More info: Askeli beach is the longest one and busiest beach on the island of Poros. It is organized with sun beds, umbrellas and beach bars.  

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Organised, Water sports

 moni beach

Moni beach

Where: At the end of the road, after Askeli beach, is located near the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

More info: This is a cosmopolitan beach, picturesque and pine tree surrounded. Moni  also offers the opportunity for spear fishing on board or at the shore.

Type: Pebbled and Sandy, Organised, Secluded

What to eat at Poros island

The most valuable choice for your table at Poros is the fresh fish! Of course you can find all the greek traditional recipes of Greece in the most of the Greek taverns.



Now that you know more about Poros island you can find a sailing route (itineraries) for the Saronic Gulf to include Poros or book online your sailing vacation now!