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Milos island sailing
25 Jan 2016

Where to moor


Weather conditions of Milos


The best beaches of Milos

Where is this island? Milos island is the southwesternmost island of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea of Greece

The map of Milos

Milos vector map Greece

little paradise milos

Who's it good for?

Milos is a great destination for couples and families. It is a unique sailing destination too, for bareboat sailing.


What is there to do? Milos has unique beaches you can spend all day on. You can use your sailboat to tour around the island and see most of them. You can visit some of the small villages and stroll the cobbled roads of Plaka, Milos’ capital.


What makes it special? Milos is an extinct volcano. After a huge eruption the volcano created a large natural harbor in the sunken caldera, and formed the whole territory.

Where to moor

Adhamas (or Adamas) is the main port of the island where you can call at phone 22093 for supplies and fuel. Here to mention that although Plaka vllage is the capital of Milos, Adamas is the main port and generally the centre of the island.

Inside the bay of Milos you will feel really safe to moor, as it is one of the best and safest places (for meltemi threats) of the eastern Mediterranean.

Alternatively you can anchor off  the bay to the east, away from the small craft moorings.


Here we have to mention that there are not any organised marinas or yacht clubs but you there are beautiful anchorages waiting for you, like:



Just across the port of Adamas. This sheltered cove reserves a magnificent view of the Bay of Milos. You have to be careful as the holding is not always perfect.


Agios Dimitrios (St. Dimitrios)

You can be better protected from the S wind, although it can be very gusty.



It provides good shelter from the “meltemi” but is exposed to the E. We suggest to anchor at 2-4 m and the bottom is sand with good holding.


Provatas bay

Finally Provatas provides a plenty of room to anchor and good protection from northerly meltemi.


Weather conditions of Milos

Milos weather conditions are the typical of the Mediterranean sea, with sunshine and good temperature most days of the year. During the summer months (June, July more and August), you may expect frequent winds which are know as Meltemi winds as mentioned above,  blowing from the North at 6-8 beaufort. More rare south winds at the summer time, but strong (over 8 beaufort), in that way we don not suggest sailing or motor boats to anchor on the South side of Milos. Northwest, Southeast and Southwest winds are less frequent.


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The beaches

Sarakiniko beach to sail Milos 


Where: 2,4 nautical miles east from capital Plaka

sarakiniko surface


More info: Sarakiniko is the most famous of Milos island. The entire landscape formed by volcanic rocks makes a spectacular combination with the deep blue of the crystal waters.

the unique waters of sarakiniko


Type: Pebbled, Non Organised



Where: 8,6 nautical miles south east of Plaka

tsigrado sailing boat

More info: Tsigrado is a small cozy beach surrounded by huge cliffs but to approach you have to park high up on the road and then find a way to pass through a rocky passage to get to the beach. It has sandy coast and amazing water colors.

Type: Sandy, Non Organised, Secluded



Where: On the south western part of the island

More info: Kleftiko is the most impressive spot on Milos. It is not accessible by car and you are one of the lucky one you are going to visit Kleftiko with a sailing boat..

sailing to milos 


Where: 9,3 nautical miles south east of capital, Plaka.

More info: Firiplaka is a small beach with soft sand and it is located really close to Tsigrado. It has some tourist facilities available  and it is surrounded by huge rocks.

Type: Pebbled, Partly Organized