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Sailing Kea (Tzia)
9 Jan 2016
Sailing Tzia Kea Greece

Where to moor


Weather conditions in Kea - Tzia


Tzia beaches


cyclades complexmap of Tzia

Kea also known as “Tzia” wait just an hour from the port of Lavrio or a little more time from Athens sailing marina. Tzia is a cosmopolitan, friendly and affordable cycladic island. The closest to Athens, the mainland, cycladic island at the Aegean Sea.

 view to Kea

You can visit Kea starting from Spring already, and enjoy sea air and fresh fish in the marinas.

fresh fish tavernas in Tzia

Discover beaches old churches, mills, towers and windmills.

church in Kea

Discover the paths that pass you back at the ancient Greece. Ioulida, Korissia, Pisses, Karthaia. According to mythology 4 ancient cities, first inhabited by the nymphs. More: Explore shipwrecks on the seabed and drive off road dirt roads that will keep your adrenaline high.  

 kea view from aeroplane

Time to explore Tzia (Kea) island by yourself this summer! You can find really important historic and archaeological sites to see, also museums, 20 km of stone paved signed paths, amazing beaches with breathtaking views like Koundouros, Xyla, Kaliskia, Kalydonichi, Spathi,  Poisses, Otzias and more. Also picturesque villages such as Vourkari and Korissia and monasteries, churches and chapels and monuments of Byzantine times. Enjoy it is all yours!

kea alleys awsome



Where to moor


Tzia or Kea, is one of the most known sailing destination in Greece, as it is only 16 nautical miles from the Athenian marinas. In addition it has one of the most safe natural harbors in the Aegean sea, called Agios Nikolaos. Here you can find, Korissia (also known as Livadi), the main port at the south side and Vourkari which is the main anchorage for yachts. There you may find  many more protected coves and beaches.

 Vourkari harbor tzia kea

Your sailing boat can  anchor off-shore or moor stern-to at the quay. Depths are shallow immediately against the quay and you may have to hop through your dinghy to get ashore. The cove is deep; there is good holding but because of the depth use at least 40 m of chain. In the summer months, the anchorage is very crowded, especially during weekends. Make sure that you arrive early. Also keep in mind that most boats are on permanent moorings with a small swing radius.

 korissia harbor

In general suggestions on mooring be careful if you thinking of visiting Koundouros: Be very careful in entering Koundouros Bay about 1/4 nM W of the N promontory is a reef which is not always visible. Also there are many rocks extending from the N promontory. Always give it a wide margin and enter the bay close to its S entrance.


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Weather Conditions in Tzia


The weather in Tzia most of the time is mild, with approximately the 300 days of the year are sunny. Rarely you may find some rainfalls. In the summertime, the climate feels like quite dry but has many springs so Tzia is as a result one of the most verdant islands of Cyclades.

sunny kea

The temperature you will meet at the summertime, is from 25 to 35 Celsius and as in the most Cycladic islands during the summer months you may face some strong north winds, called “meltemi” . Meltemi or meltemia winds exists mainly from the end of July until the end of August.

sailing weather at vourkari


During June, also the early weeks of July and early September, there is no meltemi and the winds are usually calmer and ideal temperatures often prevail.

So you have to choose the right days for your sailing trip, according to your sailing durability and skills.

Kea beaches

Koundouros beach

Where: 9,3 nautical miles south west of Ioulida

More info: Koundouros is one of the most popular beaches in Tzia - Kea. It is well organised and you can find all tourist facilities you can imagine as well as sea sports.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organised, Diving Club, Water sports 


Korissia beach

Where: 3,7 nautical miles north west of Ioulida

More info: The long and sandy beach of Korissia is located within a walking distance from the port. It is organised including sunbeds,  umbrellas, more than one beach bars and many hotels built around.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organised, Diving Club, Harbor 

Pisses beach

Where: 6,8 nautical miles south west of Ioulida

More info: Part of this beach is organised with sunbeds and umbrellas. Generally it gets quite popular in summer.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organised 

Otzias beach

   Where: 6,2 nautical miles north of Ioulida

More info: Otzias has a beautiful sandy beach with crystal waters. It is located on the northernmost of the island and has some tourist facilities.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organised 



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