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Sailing Andros Island
3 Jan 2016
Andros Chora Sailing

Where to moor


Weather conditions in Andros


Where to swim


Andros island is a part of Cyclades complex and it is 380,041 km2 long and 58 miles from Athens, Alimos marina. It is the northernmost island of Cyclades, about 3km north of Tinos and the second largest of Cyclades. It is about a quiet island, not very touristic but is a haunt of several very rich shipowner families. That means Andros is a very well kept and you can visit for relaxing sailing holidays.

Andros Batsi

The main towns of Andros, are Andros town, Gavrio, Batsi and Korthiou Ornos.

Chora of Andros

As mentioned above, Andros has a long tradition of seafaring.  Also is a paradise for those who love walking, as they can walk through wild mountains who are cleaved by valleys and bubbling streams. It’s worth stopping your sailing boat at small bays and follow the footpaths you are going to find at each destination. Many of the footpaths are paved and stepped and you can easily pass through by foot, in order to experience majestic landscapes driving you to unique archaeological remnants.

 Andros walking

Andros footpaths

Andros island was named after the Cretan general Andros, the grandson of Apollo.


Where to moor


In terms of mooring difficulty at Andros, we can generally mention that the west side of the island, faces strong gusts when “Meltemi” phenomenon is enabled.


  1. Kastro. The capital of Andros also known as Chora. There was a small yacht harbor in Chora, that now has been enlarged. The new harbor has now room for many yachts and you can anchor safely your sailing boat here. During 2015 water and electricity installed and is available.

  2. Korthi. Is an amazing unique cove 30 minutes away from Chora. It is an anchorage available for temporary anchor your yacht, but you be careful as it is not protected from the Meltemi, and can be really dangerous when it blows.

  3. Palaioupolis Bay. 3 nautical miles away from Batsi, there is a lovely anchorage named Palaioupolis. Although it is exposed in some way at the South, it is really protected from Meltemi winds. You have to be careful as there are some underwater foundations of the ancient harbor and some ruins ashore.

  4. Plaka bay. Some nautical miles away from Palaiopolis there is a small bay called Plaka, and you can carefully temporary anchor your sailing boat.

  5. Yiaros for off-shore anchoring. Yiaros is a barren without habitats small island in the  middle of Kea and Tinos and about 8 nautical miles south-west of Andros. There is not any organised anchorage but, with the right weather conditions someone can easily anchor in an exposed small cove on its south side of the islands for a short time to launch or swim. Be careful because of the strong gusts when meltemi is enabled.

Andros Beaches

Achla beach

Where: 6,2 nautical miles from Chora

More info:  The beach has soft white pebbles and the water is clear, with unique blue green water colors. There is a small river that  ends close to the beach of Achla, creating an impressive biotope with plane trees. 

Type: Sandy, Non Organised, Secluded


Batsi beach

Where: 13,6 nautical miles from Chora

More info:  Batsi has shallow seawaters, perfect for swimming for kids and ideal for a family hangout. The sand is fine and soft.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organized, Water

 Batsi beach

Vlychada beach

Where: 24 nautical miles from Chora

More info:  Contains soft sand on the shore and crystal clear blue water, Vlychada stands out for its natural beauty and the abrupt landscape. Someone who has a sailing boat is privileged, because the access from the ashore is difficult with the track road, and finally few can reach the beach. 

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organized, Water


Weather conditions

In the summertime the weather is dominated by the Meltemi, which comes from the NE in the north and west Aegean and from the NW in the south and east. Usually we can say that at Andros there is a light sailing breeze of force 4-5 in the morning time but as the day progresses it grows to 5-6 by the afternoon. However at the middle of September you can see Meltemi to become a gale of force 7- 8 (for 3 or 4 days long).

amazing view from Andros


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