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Cyclades Top Diving Spots
1 Jun 2023

The Cyclades are some of the most beautiful islands in the country. They draw huge amounts of tourists every year. Renowned around the world for their absolutely stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. As well as their unique and breathtaking whitewashed architecture. Mykonos and Satorini are probably the most famous due to their cosmopolitan infrastructure and Santrorinis incredible caldera formed from an ancient eruption. However besides these well known areas, there are some hidden secrets lying at the depths of the seas. Some lesser known islands have some absolutely fascinating sights to see when diving in the Cyclades. Listed in this article will be some of the most worthy and interesting sights to see when diving in this region. 

When diving in the waters of the Cyclades it is possible to see anything from sea caverns, ancient walls, reefs, rare volcanic rock formations, as well as airplane or ship wrecks. Chances are you will also witness some interesting sea life and marine life when diving in these areas. There are just so many interesting places to see when diving in the Cyclades, you may even make a new discovery during your time there. Up until recently Greece had a strict ban on 90% of the waters you were allowed to dive in. This was done to protect the sunken artifacts and treasures hidden in the depths of her seas. Since lifting this ban numerous discoveries have been made, as well as a huge increase in the amount of diving schools available on the islands. This has made the Greek Islands a huge magnet for scuba diving enthusiasts who want to explore her seas.

With such a vast amount of places to visit and see, we decided to make a small list of the islands which we believe have the most interesting places for divers:







We will begin by taking a look at the interesting diving sites available in Santorini. This unique and beautiful volcanic island is a perfect place to enjoy diving or to get started as a diver. Besides boasting spectacular views on land, these spectacular volcanic formations only get more interesting as its topography continues into the depths. The famous caldera, ancient wrecks, and incredible caves are just a taste of the adventurous dives you can have when visiting this island. One of the best places to dive in Santorini is Nea Kameni. Here you will find three wrecks which are possible to explore. In Taxiarchis Bay is the Santa Maria wreck, a 34 meter steel passenger ship which lies 18 meters below the surface. As well as a WWII boat which lays 13 meters below on the islands seabed, and a tugboat which lies 30 meters below. The tugboat is the only deep wreck, where only advanced divers with specific certification can explore. Although divers may encounter schools of small fish, groupers, octopus, and starfish, they will mostly witness the impressive rocks and lava flows which are all characteristic of Santorini.  


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Another interesting area is the island of Kea. It is said to be one of the best places to scuba dive in the Mediterranean. The reason being, are the famous wreckages of the Brittannic, Burgigala, and Patris. There is also a WWII German Junker 52 airplane which lays on the sea bed waiting to be explored. An interesting area for experienced divers is Koundouros reef. Pristine waters and a variety of marine life make this an exceptional location to go diving, filled with mystery and wonder. Blessed with excellent visibility and numerous interesting diving spots is the island of Mykonos. Witness exotic marine life, corals, and reefs. Explore shipwrecks, caves, and other interesting rock formations caused by volcanic activity of the past. On the northern coast lies a 64 meter passenger cargo ship which sank in 1926. Divers with enough experience to make this dive will be rewarded with the beautiful sights of aquatic wildlife and a reef which has grown on the wreckage over time. Kalafakiona Reef is a must see when diving in this gorgeous island. This area is filled with schools of fish, as well as the Mediterranean Barracuda, which have all made the reef their home. Scattered on the seafloor are ancient amphorae which are truly a sight to behold. Dont miss out on the Anna Maria II shipwreck, as well as a visit to the exceptional naturally formed location of Dragonisi which is only about a mile away from the island. 

Naxos makes its way to this list, and that is for good reason. The island is the largest and greenest island of the Cyclades and blessed with long sandy shorelines. There are numerous interesting diving sights available for beginners and experts during a sailing vacation in the Cyclades. Because there are quite a few sights to visit when diving here, we will mention what we believe to be the most interesting. The Bristol Beaufighter was an aircraft produced during WWII by the UK. It was shot down in 1943 and lays 33 meters below on the seabed. This is a really exciting dive for advanced and professional divers. One of the best wreck dives of your vacation could be the Marianna Shipwreck which lies 24 meters deep, where a section of the ship 35 meters long is still intact and in great condition. Finally the Amaras Reef is located just opposite this famous shipwreck. It descends slowly dont to 18 meters, on the one side of the reef are segments of the bow of the Marianna which separated from the boat. There are a few more sights available which you can look into at the Naxos diving center when visiting the island. 


Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

Opposite Naxos is the charming and beautiful island of Paros. She has many reefs, wreckages, and interesting areas to explore. Popular areas include Barracuda Point, and an intriguing cave located on the island of Panderosini. The shipwreck of the Ms Samina lays quite deep at 35m and is strictly for advanced divers and professionals. There are more interesting areas to explore close to the shores of Antiparos which is a small neighboring island of Paros. Due to the volcanic nature of these two areas, there are numerous reefs which can be found close to the surface or hidden further below. Antiparos has many caves and caverns, and one of the most popular is the Blue Hole.

The last island on our list is Milos, one of the most romantic islands of the Cyclades with unique rock formations and moonlike landscapes. This island is what one would call nature's work of art, which is why it offers some truly awesome and interesting diving sights to enjoy during your vacation. Opposite Milos are Kimolos and Polyegos, they form a triangular area of the sea where many awesome sights are available for divers to enjoy. When stopping by on this island, make sure to try diving in the caves of Papafrangas and Saraniko. Seeing as you will be in close proximity to the neighboring island of Kimolos it would be well worth exploring the Caves of Poseidon. The triangular area of sea between Milos, Kimolos, and Polyegos are breeding grounds for the Monk Seal, so chances are you may have an encounter with this lovely animal during your dive. 

Although the places we have listed are some of the most interesting areas to visit, chances are during your vacation you will probably discover many more which have not been mentioned today. With such wonderful islands, beautiful bays and beaches, as well as rich historical sights you are bound to have one of the best diving experiences in the Greek Islands. For amateur divers it would be good to know certain details. Firstly diving is not a very physically demanding hobby and should be very enjoyable once you have acquired some knowledge of the key factors. In order to dive your children need to be over 10 years old, and all participants under 18 would need to provide written consent from a guardian. Swimming is definitely a skill you would need to have in order to partake in this type of activity. You are also not able to board an aircraft unless twelve hours have passed since your last dive. All divers need to have certification from a governing body such as PADI and be recognised in Greece. We look forward to hearing all about your wonderful stories and adventures in the Greek Seas. 

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