“The island of Love”

Allow Milos to take your Breath Away

The island's unique geological formations, including striking cliffs, volcanic rocks, and hidden sea caves, create a visual spectacle that sets Milos apart. Beyond its remarkable natural features, Milos boasts picturesque villages with whitewashed buildings, each exuding a charm of its own. With a coastline adorned with golden beaches and crystalline waters, Milos offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration, making it a sought-after destination in the Aegean.

Sailing around Milos on a catamaran transforms the island experience into a truly magical maritime adventure. Navigating the azure waters, catamaran voyagers can explore Milos' hidden gems, from the iconic Sarakiniko Beach with its lunar-like landscape to the enchanting Kleftiko sea caves. As the sun sets over Milos, the catamaran offers a front-row seat to the breathtaking spectacle, casting a warm glow over the cliffs and creating an unforgettable ambiance.

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Cyclades islands




Island of the Cyclades


Sailing distance
from Athens: 117 miles


Famous Heritage: Venetian Castle


Can be windy

One week route of the Cyclades

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Famous for its pristine waters, elaborate caves and imposing rock formations, Kleftiko is a must destination during your 2 week sailing adventure. Known to be an old pirates' hideout, today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milos. Here, you can spend endless hours of snorkeling and diving into the turqoise waters or admire the view from the comfort of your catamaran.


One of the biggest and most beautiful caves in Milos worth exploring and observing. While onboard our catamaran indulge in the fascinating natural displays Milos has to offer. Here you can enjoy the use of your Stand up paddle, snorkels, and underwater camera. A destination not to miss  during your sailing trip.


Sarakiniko is one of the most iconic and visually striking locations in Milos. Renowned for its unique and otherworldly landscape with its white volcanic rock formations it sets a surreal scenery, not to be missed. A perfect spot to admire the sunset with the contrast between the white rock and the blue sea creating a captivating visual spectacle.

Although we always like to remain objective there are things in each island we admire and others we believe you need to be aware of.

Picturesque landscapes

Diverse beaches

Rich history

Charming villages


Weather conditions during Meltemi winds



"Visiting Milos is a memorable and almost surreal experience, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and geological wonder. Whether exploring the caves, swimming in the pristine waters, or simply enjoying the scenery, Milos is a great destination"

- Eugene said

Beaches we liked

Sarakiniko beach

This is probably the most impressive beach in the whole of Milos. Gifted with a truly unique geological profile making it one of the most remote locations in Greece. Probably one of the country’s best beaches and natural spectacles. Located 5km away from Plaka at the northeastern part of the island. Famous for its moon like appearance, surely creating memories of a lifetime.

Tsigrado Beach

A beautiful and secluded beach found between two cliffs on the southern coast of the island. One of beaches in Milos with the most character due to its location and landscape. Famous for being difficult to get to, you’ll have no problem accessing the bay while onboard your yacht. Eliminating the need to walk steeply down to the beach.

Firopotamos Beach

Is a beach surrounded by trees with remarkably blue colored waters, resembling a massive swimming pool. This beach is located in a small bay where a lot of fisherman have made it their spot to fish and live. When seeking shelter from southern winds you will find this to be an ideal location to stop and relax while sailing this beautiful island. 

Papafragas Beach

One of the many extraordinary locations in Milos, when viewed from above witness a wonderful sandy beach with waters which lead between two cliffs meeting to create a small cave entrance to the sea. There a numerous sea caves surrounding this area which offer a lot to explore for the adventurous spirit.

Just a few meters away you will find the ancient town of Phylakope, here you can explore the remaining ruins of walls, structures, and ancient graves now almost all submerged below the sea.  

Fyriplaka Beach

Is a sandy and extremely flat beach located directly next to Tsigrado. With a long coastline and silver sand with massive cliffs taking up the background of the coastline.

It is extremely shallow for some meters before reaching any sort of depth making it a good location for young children to play and splash around in the sea. Allowing parents to not have to be concerned of any unexpected depths occurring suddenly.

A lovely sight when viewed from a distance onboard your yacht.

Trademarks of the island

Venetian Castle

One of the most historical sites in Milos, and probably the last remaining sign of Venetian rule on the Island. “Kastro” was built during the 13th century along with a small settlement called “Chora”. It is located on the second highest hilltop of Milos and is around 280 meters tall. At the very peak is Panagia Skiniotissa (Also reffered to as “Mesa Panagia”). There is also a bigger church you may noticed called Panagia Thalassitra.

You will be amazed at how well preserved the castle is, especially due to turbulent history it endured over the eras. Venturing up to the castle you will notice quite a few ruins, but also some scattered homes and churches along the way. The village was not able to keep up with the speed of the population’s growth which lead to many moving down the hill (This area is now known as Plaka).

Here you can enjoy probably the best panoramic view of Milos, and I would suggest venturing up to enjoy the incredible array of colors offered by the sunset of this beautiful island.

Profitis Elias Chapel

Located on the highest summit on the island of Milos, is Profitis Elias Chapel. A beautiful whitewashed chapel dedicated to the Prophet Elias. Here you will have remarkable views of Milos and the neighboring islands. A truly romantic location when visited at any time of the day.

Old Sulfur Mines

Here you will find crystal clear emerald waters and abandoned factory equipment once used during the 1950’s. Wagon tracks, storerooms, tunnels, and various other remains of the mine are visible for you to see.

It is a very attractive beach where someone can enjoy passing the time tanning, swimming, as well as taking in all the sights on offer from this mysterious historical location.


Kayak tour of the secret spots of Milos

Hop in a kayak and explore the coastline of Milos, white sandy beaches, unique volcanic landscapes, multiple caves, and many more interesting sights await you. All this can be done if you have a SUP, or kayak available onboard. Your captain will provide you with all necessary details to see all necessary hotspots in each specific area. Having time to swim, snorkel, and even spoil yourself to a traditional island delicacy. If you don’t have one onboard you can choose to rent a kayak and venture around the island with one of the locals of the area.

Private tour and wine tasting in the cave winery of Milos

Enjoy a unique experience by visiting one of the family owned wineries of the island. Discover the secrets of the traditional wine production process, witness the cave where the wine is aged, kept, and stored. Enjoy tasting and discussing the flavors of different wines on offer. While enjoying an array of local delicacies, and cheeses which have been paired with each specific wine.

The Weather

Mediterranean climate

Rainy winters and warm sunny summers.


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One week route of the Cyclades

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