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Sailing Greece Starting from Athens
16 May 2023
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The historical capital of Europe welcomes everyone with open arms. Blessed with tons of sunshine, incredibly significant historical sights, and some very interesting museums with remarkable displays of artifacts from ancient times. There is simply so much to do in this vibrant town. History lovers will love roaming the streets of Plaka, visiting the acropolis, as well as the other numerous ancient sites available here. If you are not interested in that, simply wander the streets leading to interesting stores, cafes, bars, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Athens is the perfect balance of where the ancient world meets our current reality. So you can easily get lost wandering the ancient ruins and letting your imagination take you back to the ages. Or simply escape to the modern bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, or night clubs available all around town. When it comes to shopping, there are simply so many options suited to all tastes and interests when visiting the capital.


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We are located just outside the city center, in a coastal town called Alimos. We offer exciting and memorable sailing vacations of the Greek Islands. When beginning this type of adventure from Athens, the two primary island complexes you are able to visit are the Saronic Islands and the Cyclades. Depending on the duration of your charter you have the possibility of combining the two into a mixture of islands you will be visiting. The Saronic Islands are a lovely set of islands located in the Argolic and Saronic Gulf. They are perfectly suited to amateur sailors, families, seniors, and those seeking more relaxed sailing conditions. On the other hand, the Cyclades are known for their unpredictable weather conditions and a wind phenomenon known as the Meltemi (Strong Northern Winds). This seems to be the ideal circumstances for experienced sailors, and those seeking more of a thrill during their sails in the Greek Islands. Both regions are incredibly beautiful in their own way, and have many distinct and interesting characteristics.

The likes of Mykonos and Santorini are known all around the world. Which has led to the Cyclades becoming some of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. The islands in this region are known for their unique geological formations, dramatic cliffs, wild and barren landscapes, and last but not least incredible beaches. The beautiful white washed architecture and blue windows and door frames are one of the first characteristics you will notice when visiting. No island is completely alike so expect to notice some variations in the ways the towns look, how different dishes are served, and the contrast of the beaches from one island to the next. The Cyclades are some of the most interesting places to sail, this is because of the many secluded hidden bays and areas to anchor, unique geological rock formations found in the sea surrounding the islands, as well as the presence of sea caves in some of the locations you will visit.

For instance, the Antiparos Cave is 85 meters deep and is the only vertical cave in all of Europe. Here you will find the oldest stalagmite in Europe which is said to date back to 45 million years ago. There are all types of surprises when visiting these islands, like the Kea Lion, Milos catacombs, ancient ruins of Delos, and the Portara structure which are the remains of an unfinished temple in Naxos. All this and more await those who visit the shores of the Cyclades.

The islands of the Saronic offer their own unique beauty which is usually appreciated much more when visiting by boat. This allows visitors to take advantage of cruising around their coastlines, exploring their hidden bays, and taking their breathtaking scenery from the comfort of their own boat. The islands of the Saronic are mostly covered in dense green pine forests and rich vegetation. Citrus fruits grow abundantly and give off an intoxicating scent, especially during the months of spring and summer. This region is known for its perfectly sheltered sailing conditions, and very rarely experiences dramatic or intense weather conditions. The islands in this group are also very close to each other, meaning that in the rare instance, you do need to seek shelter from a storm or strong winds safe anchorage and protection are always close by. Poros is known for its great traditional dishes, lovely beaches, and one of the friendliest locations for guests visiting by yacht. The island of Hydra is considered one of the most picturesque ports in the country, and where the only means of transportation are the local donkeys. Cars are strictly prohibited here, taking you back to a time when life was simple with less stressors. You will also visit many seaside villages and town like Port Heli, Nafplion, and Epidauros. Before you return to Athens you will also get to visit the absolutely breathtaking naturally beautiful island of Agistri. With its lush green landscapes and exotic beaches, some will think they have been lost somewhere in the Caribbean.

If your charter is two to three weeks long, you will have the option of visiting a mixture of the two island groups, tailoring your preferences in accordance with the weather and your preference of locations during your vacation. The isn't really anything else like setting sail in the Greek Seas while the wind blows through your hair, and the natural beauty of the sea, sky, and surroundings captivate your mind and soul.

Some would say this is a natural form of therapy allowing you to let go of your stresses, forget about the rat race of daily life, and find for yourself once again what is most important in this life. Your Happiness!!! 🙂 Here at yachtasailing.com we specialize in these types of vacations, so by simply providing us with some details of what your desires are, we can go ahead and match you to what we think would be the best available options for this once in a lifetime vacation.

 Featured Photo by Kody Goodson on Unsplash