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The island getaway of the Athenians

The island getaway of the Athenians

According to mythology, Zeus - father of gods - fell in love with the most beautiful of the 20 daughters god Asopos, Aegina. He kidnapped her and took her to island which took her name. There they had a son Aeacus, who was the first king of the island. Only 16 miles away from Athens, Aegina is the second largest island on the Saronic Gulf. Because of the close proximity to the port of Piraeus, it has many visitors all year round!

Did you know Aegina was the first capital of liberated Greece for almost two years? Having many historical treasures, she is a really interesting island for you to hike, relax and enjoy your time with a joyful sightseeing. Known as the island of Pistachio, due to the big production of tasteful pistachios, a little bag of which should not be forgotten as a small souvenir, during your sailing cruise in the Saronic islands.

The main port of Aegina, is located on the northwest side of the island and is basically connected with the main town, which happens to be also the capital of the island. Whitewashed neoclassical buildings, more colored than the white and blue that you will see in the Cyclades, stone paved alleys and a more, easy going character. Nothing is there to remind us that she was the leading maritime force of the Saronic islands during the 7th century, but the wealth of the island and the prestigious atmosphrere can be sensed in the air. 

If you are interested in History and art exhibitions you are at the right place as Aegina has rich traditions which attracts artists of all kinds. Don’t miss your chance to visit the Temple of Athena Afaia (included in our Top 3), a monument dedicated to the Goddess that still stands with pride and glory.



Complex of islands:
Saronic islands


Aegina Town


West Cyclades


Distance from Athens:
16 miles


Famous heritage:
Temple of Athena Afaia


Interesting info:
The island of ‘Pistachio’

Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf



Visit the Temple of Athena Aphaia

Dedicated to the Goddess Athena, the glorious Temple supervises the sea as a protector of the island. Considered one of the most important monuments in Greece and a true masterpiece of architecture. Easy to reach, really worth visiting if you like to see the structure, feel the vibe of the ancient times and see how people used to live before us. On a clear day you can see the Acropolis on one side and the temple of Poseidon on the other. This was the way Greeks communicated and were alerted in case of enemy attacks. A museum is present with all the corresponding findings of the Temple. We encourage you to visit the area and spend some time exploring the place!

Walk in the town, ride with the carriage, tryout Pistachios

Aegina town is right on the water. Dressed in a classical uniform, the buildings surrounding the port give the impression of a touristic island (which happens to be the case) but she is a true island indeed. The waterfront of the town is full of little restaurants (that serve very nice sea food by the way) same for the street right behind the first buildings on the port. You will notice immediately the horse carriages that will take you for a ride, that for us should not be missed. Making a big circle with the carriage would be more fun that you can imagine and will get you in a more relaxing mood right away. Impossible to miss the famous product of Aegina that is no other than the ‘Pistachio Nut’ for some of you considered the best in the world. If you plan to buy a bag of pistachio to have onboard then we encourage you to buy two since it can be proven quite addictive with the positive meaning!

Visit the Monastery of Agios Nektarios

For some Greeks the importance of the monastery of Agios Nektarios in Aegina is like Acropolis is for Athens. Built in 1904, it is considered to be one of the biggest monasteries in Greece. Dedicated to the memory of the most recent to life Saint – Agios Nektarios – who died in 1920, the monastery is said to have miracle power towards those who visit and ask for help. A massive church is in the middle of numerous small little buildings, including chapels, candle stores and the home of the Saint during his lifetime. We encourage you to visit the area to see a reat sample of a newly build monastery, with a colorful dome, strong character but most of all sample of the belief of locals to religion and faith to tradition. Even if you are not a fan of monasteries, we feel it is worth visiting!


Close to Athens

Big variety of little taverns and restaurants

Plenty of options in terms of historical interest

Good food

Pistachios to accompany you for the rest of your sailing cruise

Water and electricity in the port (main port)

Calm and easy port decent facilities (main port)

Very traditional port (Perdika) on the south side (no water and electricity)

Very nice fish taverns in Perdika


Quite crowdie during the peak months

Port is usually very crowdie on Saturday and Sunday evening due to all charter yachts departing from Athens

Influenced a lot by the Athenian style is not considered so traditional to our eyes

No water and electricity for the yachts in Perdika port

Not protected to the westerly winds

A bit more touristic due to the big number of visitors

Aegina is a really nice island when you are visiting with a yacht but not to spend lots of time in the main port. Visit the town, the temple of Athena and head to Perdika port which is more traditional. The next morning head to the little islet right opposite called ‘MONI’ drop an anchor and swim in turquoise waters!’.

-Eugene suggests

  • “Saronic Sailing - 1 week, 4 adults, 6 kids. Highlight of our trip!”

    We haven't stopped talking or thinking about the 1 week we had sailing the Saronic Islands since we've been back. Everything was perfect from months before we arrived to when we left. Eugene and Maria were always available - it was only months after I had paid the deposit that I realised I hadn't spoken to Eugene in person, only via email! One simple call it was clear why I hadn't been stressed about the trip at all. Next, Eugene sets us up with an Australian-born Greek skipper who he thought we would get along with - talk about attention to detail.

    Visited July 2016

  • “Saronic bliss”

    We were a group of three couples and a 7th wheel chartering the Benneteau 54 for a week in the Saronic Gulf.
    We had an amazing time between sailing, visiting stunning places like Hydra, Aegina and Ermione and eating delicious seafood. The weather was hot but the yacht had AC for sleeping and we stopped frequently for inflatables fun and water games.
    Our skipper George was a pro and knew all the best spots and local restaurants, plus the team in Athens were all extremely friendly and sorted out all our taxis to/from the airport and grocery shop before we arrived.
    I highly recommend and would gladly use them again - next time Cyclades! 

    Visited August 2016 

  • Aegina streets photo by George M 15 April 2016

  • Aegina horse carriage photo by Costas P 06 Aug 2016

  • Pistachio shop in town photo by Emy M 05 July 2015

  • Aegina Panoramic port photo by Alexey M 20 May 2016

  • Agios Nektarios photo by Alexey M 20 May 2016

  • Side town streets photo by Lila T June 2015

  • Aegina port photo by Siete V 15 June 2016

  • Fresh fruits photo by George M 15 April 2016

  • Aegina town by George M 15 April 2016

  • Aegina fishing boats by Leoks M 15 April 2015

  • Agios Nektarios photo by Panos K 20 May 2015

  • Pistachio shop in town photo by Ioanna S 05 July 2015

  • Aegina town by Leoks M 15 April 2015

  • Above Perdika town photo by Kostas P 06 Aug 2015

  • Perdika harbor photo by Kostas P 05 Aug 2015

  • The typical street at Aegina island in Greece by YuriyNK

  • Virgin Mary church near Aegina fishboar harbor against a blue sky in Aegina island by Nick Pavlakis

  • November 23, 2015: Fishing boats in the port of Aegina, Greece by Milan Gonda

  • Afaia Temple, Aegina, Saronic Gulf, Greece by siete_vidas

  • November 23, 2015: Fishing boats and sail boats in the port of Aegina by Milan Gonda

Beaches worth visiting

Moni Beach

Moni is one of the most popular and beaches of the Saronic. Located right opposite Perdika port (in South of Aegina) will dazzle you with the turquoise waters and calm scenery. Approached only by a yacht (or with the daily boat departing from Aegina), Moni is mainly visited by yachtsmen and people that know the area. There is a beach bar to have a snack or a refreshing cocktail. It is definetelly a beach that you should consider visiting if you are near the area!

Agia Marina

A long sandy beach located on the eastern part of Aegina. It is one of the biggest beaches in Saronic gulf and one of the few beaches awarded with the blue flag in 2013. Pleanty of options on the beach including taverns and a small beach club. We can give you some advice on where you can reserve a table on the beach to have dinner, during your private sailing cruise. 


Located on the south side of the island quite friendly to sailing yachts or catamarans. Sandy bottom for you to drop an anchor and a quite scenery surrounding the area. You could consider having a swim and relaxing for the day, while entering the port of Perdika in order to spend the evening anchored in the harbor

Sites worth visiting


Perdika is one of the most traditional little ports of the Saronic gulf. It can be accessed with your sailing yacht or catamaran if you like to spend the night into the harbor. It has great fish taverns that will offer you decent options in terms of perfectly cooked fish and traditional recipes. We encourage you to visit the little port and relax during your private sailing cruise. I fyou happen to visit on the 7th of September you will have the chance to see the great fest for the Saint Sozon (as always accompanied with plenty of food and music!)

Local tastes

Grilled octupus

Seafood is really of high quality on the island. You will certainly notice the Octopus drying in the sun right before cooked in the restaurants of Aegina. The grilled octupis but also the octopus pasta is considered one of the best recipes of the island.

Fried squid

Although fried is not my favorite, Aegina’s fried squid is really amazing in most of the taverns I have tried. Freshly fried, surely it is considered a delicious option.

Yogurt with peanut sweet

You have reached the island of pistachio, as you can imagine it is impossible not to find a big variety of either sweet or salty. Try as a desert the yagurt with the sweet version of the peanut collection.

Mojito with peanut

As mentioned above the island is popular for the production of pistachio. Salty or Sweet the nut is used in a unique recipe that will result to a Mojito with peanut! Try than and give us your comments.

The Weather
  • Average temperatures of 26C during July and August
  • Quite calm weather all year round 
  • Sheltered port on the western side of the island
  • Sheltered but smaller marina on the southern side of the island ‘Perdika’
  • Even when its windy, the sea does not produce high waves due to the mainland that prevents the sea to expand
  • Nice anchorages that can protect you from the wind, our captains would be responsible to advise you



included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf

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