YOU ARE READING:Visit 'Leros island' with a sailing boat
Visit 'Leros island' with a sailing boat
18 Dec 2015

Where to moor in Leros


Weather conditions (climate)


Where to swim


What to eat (Leros traditional)

Leros port

The island of Leros is located in the north Dodecanese, few miles south from Patmos island. Leros is separated also southley by an almost narrow sea passage to Kalymnos island.

small caves and bays

Geographically the island is characterized by small hills and countless bay areas. The most great is  Lucky Bay which is the largest natural harbor in the eastern waters of Mediterranean sea.

Having this in mind,  the Italians  in 1932 created there, their main naval port in the Dodecanese.

More large bays: Alinda, Gourna, the bay of Vromolithos, the gulf of Partheni and Blefouti and Panteli bay.


small hills and mountainous Leros

The highest point of Leros is the Kleidi mountain (Key mountain : around 300 m approximately), other mountains in Leros, is Skoumparda and Diapori at the south and Apitiki at the east.


Alleys and streets of Leros

Nature inside the alleys of Leros


Give a try to Leros for sailing this year and you are going to understand why this article is worth it’s time to write on our sailing blog.

For us, who love sailing, many small islands are scattered around Leros and can be a perfect spot to take a short splash. Some of them are St. Kiriaki and Pianousa abreast to Panteli, Archangelos in the north and Glaronisia with Leriko island between Leros and Kalymnos.

beautiful at nights

What if you could move to a place where you’d feel like you’re on nature all the time?

nature of Leros


cats in the town of Leros


The island of Leros is almost green and it’s inside there is a high level agricultural production. There are countless vineyards, fig trees, prickly, Gkavafes (found only in Leros). Also in many roads you can cross by eucalyptus and pine trees.

Where to moor

Ormos Lakki

Also known with the name “Porto Lago”. Italians once used to occupy the area of Porto Lago, as they had their naval base located there.


There is an organised pier to moor:


Leros Marina (Evros S.A.) is nestled at the right  end of Lakki bay, exactly opposite of Lakki harbor (37o 07,76" N. 26o 51,40" E). Completely protected from all kind of winds offers up to 220 berths with mooring lines, water supply and electricity. We have also to mention that they offer free high speed internet access for every berth!






Outside the organised marina, beware on the South section of the pier where is a steel rod. Generally It is not recommended to anchor in Lakki when there are Southwest and west winds as it becomes a little bit dangerous, unless you are protected inside Leros Marina (Evros S.A.) . Water and fuel are available as well as provisioning.

Food tip: There are a number of tavernas for eating out.



Ormos Partheni  

This bay is located on the North side of Leros. It offers a good corner to protect from the winds especially at the night. You have to anchor on the East side as the S and SW are  navy areas, so anchoring and photographs are not allowed.


Ormos Plakouti  

Waiting for you at the NE coast of Leros and offers better shelter for your sailing boat,  except from the days there is  Northeast and easterly winds.

SOS: Be careful of the visible rocks in the middle of the bay.




A  really great one bay located on the south side of Leros which offers good protection from the meltemi.



Ormos Alindas


This is a large bay too and is located on the east coast of Leros island. There is a   Venetian castle on the top of the hill. If there is a meltemi in weather conditions, the bay can get more than enough rough. There is also a small mole but due to the rocky bottom it doesn’t really “works”. Fuel and water are available and most provisioning available near by.


A good source: Find all the informations about mooring in Leros at user generated channel:




As every greek island regulated by the Mediterranean Sea, Leros the most of the time of the year offers a very mild weather with temperatures starting from 12o celsius and 21o celsius degrees during the winter time. At the summer time the weather fluctuate between 25o and 31o degrees.

In the sailing terms, Leros is ideal especially between April and end of October. Enjoy beautiful weather conditions offering memorable sailing moments. 




Best beaches of Leros


Alinda beach

Where: 3 km north west of Platanos

More info: You can find many facilities on the beach and beach bars surround this long bay. Organized and sandy, Alinda attracts many visitors every summer.

Type: Pebbled, Family Friendly, Organised 



  Where: 9 km south east of Platanos

More info: This is a small bay on the southern side of the island, with few facilities and a calm beach.

Type: Pebbled, Family Friendly, Organised 


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