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Safety Tips for Sailing in Greece
23 Dec 2022

Sailing in Greece is a dream vacation for many people around the world. Whether your quest is simply for relaxation, or for exploration and adventure, there are some safety protocols all sailors need to take into consideration. Yacht charters are typically one week vacations, although some may wish to take additional weeks depending on their budget. 

For travelers seeking to explore as many islands as possible, it’s fair to say a two-week charter would be more appropriate. The Greek sailing season tends to be from May to October. Depending on the time you expect to visit, different factors may need to be taken into consideration.


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The most ideal sailing conditions are towards the end of May and early June, and mid-September into October. The peak summer months are July and August and are the hottest months of the year. During this time Greece is known to experience high winds known as “Meltemi”. This is especially true when considering the Cyclades region as your holiday destination.

A sailing yacht charter is the most effective means for exploring and experiencing everything the Greek Islands have to offer. We highly suggest setting reasonable expectations for your desired locations, according to the weather present at your time of arrival, and the duration of your charter. 

Sailing with skipper Greece

Whether you decide to sail with a catamaran or a monohull, the Greek Seas are extremely yacht friendly and very safe in comparison to other locations in the world. This being said, guests still have to follow some specific safety guidelines in order to ensure everything goes smoothly during their vacation.

It goes without saying, the primary and most important factor to take into account when sailing is the weather. The recipe for a memorable and enjoyable experience is planning an itinerary which is in sync with the weather conditions during the time of your charter. By always keeping up to date with the conditions present, guests may plan accordingly and achieve a well thought out plan for enjoying their holiday. In our personal opinion, hiring a skipper is a perfect way to enjoy the islands, knowing that a dedicated professional always has your preferences and safety as their No1 priority

Your skipper’s advice will come in very handy when discussing the possible locations you would like to explore during your charter. Not only will he navigate you through the sea to your destinations, but his extensive knowledge of the local areas and sailing experience will not go unnoticed. The safety of the guests onboard will be his/her main concern, as well as satisfying any requests or desires.

For those who have chosen a bareboat yacht charter and have the necessary documents and licensing, it is important to pay attention during the check-in process of your boat. This way you will get the full breakdown of all the necessary safety equipment onboard.

It’s important to pay attention and ask for further instruction if there is anything that you do not understand. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations for sailing in Greece upon or before your arrival.

As mentioned earlier, be aware of the weather and plan your trip accordingly. Make sure to pay special attention to hazards such as rocks, reefs, and shallow areas. Know how to operate the communication systems onboard and be able to contact the coast guard in the case of an emergency. 

Ensure everyone on board understands the safety measures explained by the check-in staff, and that everyone comprehends the possible dangers out at sea. Everyone onboard should recognize how to operate the safety equipment and apprehend the safety protocol they need to follow out at sea. Make sure each person on board is wearing a life jacket at all times, and be aware of other vessels in the area while always being mindful of your surroundings.

In the case you have selected a skipper for your charter of the Greek Islands, it is still imperative everyone pays full attention to the safety briefing provided upon embarkation. Your skipper will be fully responsible for the vessel, however it is important guests follow his guidance and instructions during sailing.

By listening to the precautions and warning provided, everybody can be sure that all the correct safety measures are being taken. Once safety protocols and procedures have been explained, guests can be sure that our experienced skipper will keep them out of harm’s way, and take them on a unique and authentic Greek sailing experience of the islands.

Whether visitors select a catamaran or monohull, both vessels are extremely safe when all procedures and protocol are taken seriously and into consideration. Monohull are popular with experienced sailors or those seeking more of the thrill of sailing. This is due to the fact that monohulls experience more heel which some people really tend to enjoy. For inexperienced sailors and guests who are looking for a relaxed and steady journey, the catamaran would be the more viable option.

Catamaran’s rarely experience much heel and have a wide and comfortable deck for everyone to enjoy. It also helps enhance the comfort onboard when the galley and saloon are all levels with the deck area.

We have been in the yacht industry since 1999 and would just like to mention that our efforts and dedication over the last 23 years have led to the product you see today. Our fleet of yachts has been consistently renewed and refitted over the last two decades allowing us to provide an excellent variety of options to our guests.

Our team has learned and adapted to the possible complications and difficulties which could arise when planning itineraries. We never make false promises or suggest unrealistic destinations in order to confirm bookings. Instead, guests will receive our honest suggestions according to their preferences and the weather conditions present during their charter. 

Your safety, desires, and enjoyment are our No1 priority. All our yachts are thoroughly inspected and maintained every year and are certified by the Lloyds Registry. There are certain behind-the-scenes precautions and actions performed which may not seem important on the surface but have a great impact on the services and the safety we provide.

We are not like most Yacht Charter companies in the industry which list every boat on the market.

Every boat has all the required safety equipment onboard and our team of dedicated professionals offers 24-hour support during your sailing yacht charter in Greece.