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Paxoi and Antipaxoi
7 Feb 2016

Where to moor


The best beaches of Paxos


Where is this island? Paxos island is located 7 nautical miles south of Corfu island at the northern of Ionian sea of Greece. Close to Paxos, there is one smaller island called anti-Paxos. Both Paxos and Anti-Paxos are the Paxoi  (Paxi) islands.

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Who's it good for? Paxi is an ideal island for peaceful holiday. Which means that is a real family-friendly island, without not being recommended for young visitors.

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What is there to do? It is amazing that in such a small island, you can find so many spectacular beaches. A basic thing to do, is to take total relaxation at one of them. There are many seaside old traditional taverns you can have fresh fish and if you are a sporty one, you can sail to the island at the Spring and try hiking the old footpaths that lead to tiny chapel, small settlements and hilltops with amazing sea views.

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What makes it special? The incredibly clean and clear waters you can find at all the beaches, offering isolation and absolute tranquillity.

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Where to moor


The port of Gaios

Gaios is the main harbour of Paxos island. It consist of a long natural inlet, fully protected from Agios Nikolaos little island, as it is only a few miles away. The shelter in the port is excellent in most conditions, although strong winds make the southern part uncomfortable.

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Be careful with the tripper boats: They can lay their anchors across your chain if you put it out more than necessary.


The town quays in Port of Gaios extend for more than 1,000 metres.

The port of Lakka

The port of Port Lakka lies at the Northeastern tip of the island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea. It consists of a large natural inlet. It is protected from all winds but not the Northeast winds which are rare.

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While you approching from the North, be ware of the rocky islet Marmaro and the reef at the northwest of the island, that should be given a wide berth.

Port Longos (Loggos)

The port of Loggos is at the middle of Lakka and Gaios and it is a smaller harbour. In the past Loggos port was serving the needs of soap factory, but nowadays it is totally for fishing and tourism available.


Be aware of the dangerous rock Ifalos Paxoi ESE of Longos



Mongonisi is a natural anchorage for your sailing boat which is located at the south end of Paxos island. You can either moor your sailing yacht at the quays in the inlet or anchor off, where there is available space for 10-15 yachts.

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Depths are 1.5 metres or less at the quay, but 2.5 metres just off it. Unless visiting the taverna, most yachts tend to anchor off in depths of 5.0 – 8.0 metres.



There are two bays to anchorage on the east side of Anti-Paxos island. There is 2 or three taverns and cafes  available to serve your needs. At the peak seasons tripper boats leave crowds of people to swim. Tripper boats flock here from mid-morning onwards from Paxos.


In very calm weather a few yachts overnight here to enjoy the tranquillity and clear water. You can try it.



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Where: 5,6 nautical miles from Gaios Port.

More info: Monodendri is very popular for local and guests. It is not sandy but it has crystal clear waters, like any other Paxos beach. There are two tavernas offering a wide choice of foods. Partly organised, offering some sun beds.

Type: Pebbled, Family Friendly, Partly Organized

caves near monodendri

Logos Beach

Where5 nautical miles from Gaios Port.

More info: At the summertime it gets very crowded, because it is real close to Loggos. It is one of the most picturesque beaches of Paxos, family friendly and safe to swim. There are many fish taverns serving fish food mainly.

Type: Pebbled, Family Friendly, Non Organised

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Voutoumi beach

Where: On Antipaxos island

More info: A unique sandy beach on the eastern side of Antipaxos, reminding a hollywood scenery.

Type: Sandy, Non Organised

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