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Sivota Ionian Sea
17 Jan 2016


Where to moor


Weather conditions of Sivota


Sivota beaches


Where is this village? At the Ionian Sea. The village and harbour of Sivota lie on the East coast of Lefkada island inside the Ionian Sea in Greece.

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Who's it good for? Families, relaxed couples and groups

What is there to do? Eat various local specialities, relaxing sailing, explore ancient ruins

What makes it special? The unique landscapes and breathtaking views!

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The village of Sivota (or Mourtos) is a small district in the west side of Greece, at the Ionian Sea, with amazing small beaches and harbours. Full of trees and high, tiny hidden islets waiting to dive them, or swim by.

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Where to moor


Between the 3 islets of Sivota sea, there are small private beaches, ideal to moor your sailing boat. You can anchor overnight without any danger, with the most famous of them, Piscina with crystal clear waters and white sand on the beach. Also you can moor your sailing yacht at the islet of Mourtemeno where you can find the beach Bella Varka (that means “beautiful boat”), which can be reached through peninsula (you go by foot through the shallow bottom) and you are going to have the chance to feel the nature, as the trees touch the sea bottom.

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During the high season (peak season), you will be forced not to anchor inside the Sivota bay. That is a result of the small tonnage of the harbor. Probably only 20 to 25 yachts can anchor in depths of 8.0-10.0 metres before the start to hurtle each other. Holding is moderate only in mud and weed and as you can imagine it is very important to dig your anchor in well if any gusts are expected. The more large yachts, usually anchor and take lines ashore on the East side of the bay, which is better in the terms of bad weather conditions.

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Also you have to know that the harbour is very busy at weekends with crew changeovers. Although Sivota bay can accommodate possibly up to 90 yachts at once, the mooring spaces are often taken up by early comers at the busiest times and a yacht arriving late will probably have to anchor off the bay.


Finally, there are no marinas or yacht clubs available.

Weather Conditions at the Ionian Sea


At the summertime, the weather of Ionian sea is mainly influenced by a Northwest Wind the maistro. Maistro, is less strong, force 2 to 5, and more manageable than Meltemi (which is dominate Aegean sea). A sailor must be careful of sharp gusts: in the evenings there may be katabatic winds from the tall mountains, of force 5 to 6 and from the NE.

Beaches near Sivota

 sivota beaches

Gallikos Molos

Where:The closest beach to the village centre.

More info: The beach is sandy and has a cafe where you can sit and enjoy your coffee, maybe also grab a bite. The sea is generally warm and ideal for families with children.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organised, Harbor.

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Zeri Beach

Where:It is just after Gallikos.

More info: The beach is sandy, the water is warm and you can sit for lunch or coffee. There are also water slides for the kids or the grown-ups of the party.

Type: Sandy, Family Friendly, Partly Organised.


swimming crystal clear waters


Where:Away from village center and after Zeri.

More info:The beach is pebbly and it is fairly quiet. The sea is also warm and you can enjoy the view of St. Nicholas island.

Type: Pebbly, Family Friendly, Partly Organised.