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March Sailing Yachts for Charter Greece
17 Feb 2023

March is a very pleasant time of year to visit Greece. The temperatures begin to rise and the days become longer. This creates the ideal weather conditions to explore the ancient ruins, monuments, and historical sights of Athens and the islands. Nature lovers can enjoy the wildflowers in bloom, and hikers can take advantage of the cool temperature and many trails at their disposal.

Visitors can also explore the picturesque villages and towns, go wine tasting in vineyards, and visit the monasteries and churches scattered all over the Greek Isles. The lack of mainstream tourism will create a deeper sense of appreciation for the gorgeous architecture, landscapes, and scenery at your disposal during your charter.  Allowing you to enjoy taking in all these wonderful sights completely at your own pace and discretion.

Sailing in Greece in March is a great way to see the most beautiful islands and coastlines of the country. The weather is usually mild and sunny during the day, with temperatures ranging from the high teens to the low twenties. The seas can be quite calm, making it an ideal time for sailing. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and a waterproof jacket, as it can get quite windy and humid during this time of year.

The Saronic and Cyclades Islands are some of the most popular sailing destinations in Greece, offering plenty of stunning anchorages and bays to explore. With the right clothing and a good sailing plan, you can enjoy a unique and memorable sailing experience.

Depending on your interests, you can experience a variety of activities, such as exploring ancient ruins, hiking on mountain trails, and enjoying local cuisine. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Greek Islands is by sailing with a yacht. It is also an excellent way to visit the many charming villages located throughout the islands. You can explore the streets, visit local shops, and enjoy traditional Greek sweets and specialties.



No matter how you choose to experience the Greek Islands, March is an excellent time to do it. The weather is mild, the crowds are limited, and the scenery is beautiful. When sailing around the islands during this serene time of year, you can expect a very tranquil and natural atmosphere in all the areas you decide to visit. Not only are the islands quieter and easier to explore, but so are the marinas and ports. Making it much easier to find a berth and moor in pretty much every location you will be visiting.

Hiking in the Greek Islands is truly a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. In comparison to the extremely hot summer months, the mild temperatures of May are ideal for enjoying the many interesting trails and terrains. These hiking trails are a unique way to explore, and you will most likely encounter a variety of terrains, ranging from lush forests to rocky coastlines. These trails vary in length and difficulty, and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to take in the beauty and experience the true spirit of Greece.

All of the islands you encounter during your yacht sailing vacation will have a variety of archeological sites, museums, monasteries and churches. Many of the hiking trails mentioned above will lead to some of these attractions and locations. This is a truly exceptional way to get a better understanding of the history and culture of the islands you will be visiting. For instance the Cyclades region of Greece has an extremely rich history and has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with evidence of Neolithic settlements dating back to around 6,000 BCE. These islands were then ruled by various civilizations over many different periods of time. Eventually leading to the islands you know today belonging to Greece.

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Furthermore, the Saronic Islands which are located in the Aegean Sea off the coast of mainland Greece, have been inhabited since antiquity. During the classical period, they were under the rule of Athens and were an important part of the Athenian Empire. The islands were also a key strategic point for the Athenians in their battles against the Persians. In the Roman period, the islands were part of the Roman province of Achaea.


During the Middle Ages, the islands were occupied by the Venetians and later by the Ottomans. In the 19th century, the islands were part of the newly established Greek state. Today, the Saronic Islands are a popular tourist destination, offering beautiful beaches and archaeological sites. Due to the immense history of these regions there are many sights and museums which will interest all those trying to get a better understanding, or a closer look into the rich history of the country.

Although the water temperature will not be at its warmest, there will be some who will still enjoy taking a dip into the pristine crystal clear waters. For those who find the waters a little too cold, you can still find loads of activities to do in any of these gorgeous locations. The sheer amount of exploring available, from the intricate alleys, local cafeterias, charming town squares, to the delicious local tavernas, walking around the Greek islands will most definitely pass the time and put a smile on everyone's face. There is also a unique and mystical feeling when visiting ancient ruins or historical sites. For some reason when visiting these locations without the masses, there seems to be a more spiritual and natural connection to the land and its people.

So simply put, taking a trip to Greece during March can be an unforgettable experience. With the absence of tourist crowds, you will be able to observe the authentic culture of the islands and learn more about the locals' way of living. This will give you a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the traditions and customs of the area. Therefore, if you are looking to have a more genuine sailing adventure, then a holiday in Greece during March is the perfect choice. Last but not least, you can expect many beneficial discounts and exceptional deals offered during this specific time of year, translating into more bang for your buck.