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Luxury vacation in the Cyclades for 2024
2 Oct 2023

When most people from around the globe daydream of an idyllic Greek Island vacation, the first image that probably pops up in their mind are the whitewashed alleys, gold sandy beaches, and blue domed chapels of the Cyclades. These are some of the most alluring islands in the country, which offer visitors all types of interesting activities and are probably the most luxurious islands you will visit during your stay in Greece. This region is blessed with spectacular waters and areas to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, and scuba diving. They have gorgeous beaches and wonderful areas for sunbathing and taking in the breathtaking surroundings. Most of these islands have a dry and barren landscape which possess their own natural beauty, however there are islands such as Naxos which are rich in vegetation and greenery. The Cyclades have an interesting cuisine with different traditional dishes varying from one island to another as well as very distinct and interesting local products.

Each island has its own unique characteristics which provide guests with a variety of choices when deciding which islands to visit. Mykonos is known for  its cosmopolitan atmosphere and extravagant nightlife, while Satorini has some of the most impressive views of the Aegean and is considered one of the most popular locations in the country. Islands such as Milos and Kimolos are known for their unusual lunar landscapes, while the little Cyclades are each impressive and beautiful in their own way. Paros is extremely romantic with picturesque fisherman ports and is well known for its excellent seafood and waterfront taverns. This is just scratching the surface of what a wonderful experience visiting the Cyclades can be. Let's take a look into all the possible luxury activities and products which are available to enjoy during your stay in these exceptional locations. 

Firstly we will mention a few of the excellent restaurants and dining venues one can enjoy in the Cyclades. Below is a list of different venues available on different islands in order to provide a glimpse of the possibilities one can choose from when deciding where to wine and dine. 

Borozzi Naxos:

This is a lovely venue located in Naxos, a perfect spot for enjoying cocktails and a delicious meal during your vacation. 

Ammoudi Fish Tavern, Santorini:

It takes a little work to get to this tavern but once you have made it up the stairs you are guaranteed some of the most spectacular views in the Cyclades. It has a variety of Greek dishes and is a perfect location to sit back and relax while enjoying a glass of wine or champagne. 

Gialos, Milos:

This restaurant is located on the volcanic island of Milos and offers excellent views of the surrounding areas and sea. It has a variety of dishes and a good selection of wines. 

Kalita, Mykonos

If you are looking for traditional Greek dishes in a luxurious environment and a gourmet twist, this venue should surely be on your bucket list during your Cyclades vacation. Enjoy the company of your loved ones in the beautiful courtyard while tasting delicious flavors in this lovely location on Mykonos Island. 

We just mentioned a few of the possible locations you may encounter during your adventures in these remarkable islands. However, there are so many luxury fine dining options to choose from upon arriving in Cyclades. 

For those looking for nightlife, Mykonos, Paros, and Ios are definitely the islands you will want to visit. Mykonos is famous for its luxury venues and probably the party capital of the Cyclades. Ios isn't far behind and has many bars and nightclubs to party the night away till the early hours of the morning. Although Paros is known for its laid back and romantic atmosphere, this island also has its fair share of bars and nightclubs when looking to enjoy a night out on your vacation. 

The locals on these islands have their own produce and interesting products which are well worth taking a look into and trying during your vacation.So don't leave without trying some of their products

Kopanisti is a cheese dip made from goat or sheeps milk.

Louza is a cured meat with hints of cinnamon, cloves, and pepper.

San Michali cheese is from Syros and is said to be similar to parmesan cheese. 

These islands have a variety of white wines, however Santorini is famous for it Assyrtiko which is meant to have its own distinct flavor in comparison to the same wine from other regions. 

Certain islands have their own signature dishes, such as Sifnos has revithada, which is a chickpea stew slow cooked in a wood fired oven. Naxos is well known for its rosto, a pork dish with tomato sauce and served with their famous Naxian potatoes. Other islands and specifically Santorini have a reputation for their sundried tomatoes as well as tomato fritters which are usually served as a side dish or as many know as a meze. There are also a variety of bite sized pies you should definitely try during your vacation. 

When deciding to visit these absolutely breathtaking locations it can be hard to decide what the most efficient method is in order to get the most out of your vacation. So if you are looking for the luxury feel of a 5 star hotel but want to visit multiple islands during your time here, you simply can't go wrong with a catamaran sailing yacht to take you wherever your heart desires. At Yachtsailing.gr we have a variety of different options available which cater to all different preferences and tastes. We are also proud to mention that we have exceptional skippers and hostesses, which surely elevate the whole experience and will act as your own personal hosts while sailing from island to island. Their in-depth knowledge and experience of these areas will allow them to provide you with all the hidden secrets of each island you visit as well as all the best spots and places to visit during your stay. 

Featured Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis on Unsplash