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Greek Gastronomy
15 Jul 2014

Greek Souvlaki For Ever!

How can vacation and sailing be combined with a travel in gastronomy? Well this is quite simple. In Greece every island will give you a separate recipy and taste. I am not overreacting, Greece is unique in this field. Charter a sailing boat and start your island hopping which will be at the same time a taste hopping as well.

We will list below some of the basics characteristics of the Greek nutrition however taste cannot be described in paper. The combination of sea, wind and location mixed with the smell and taste of the Greek cuisine will make this sailing trip unfrgetable. Let’s see below some of the very basics characterisitics of this gastronomic paradise and we will have the opportunity in the future to go in detail into each specific ingredient.

mediterranean nutrition - greek gastronomy
Greek gastronomy it is the source of the Mediterranean style nutrition. You will find high amounts of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, honey, nuts etc. Greece is basically very well known about the very big range of fresh fish that you can taste at many fantastic different styles. See below our comments on Greek Cheese, Ouzo, Tsipouro, the famous Greek Souvlaki but also Greek Mousaka and numerous types of wine.

original greek wine

The true experience of Greek gastronomy is how simple is it. You have many basic ingredients and numerous combinations that they produce thousands of results. The traveler that arrives in Greece will feel unique of the Greek nature and this is the reason of million tourists this country and this is the beginning of being loyal to the Greek gastronomy.
The most basic ingredients of Greek cuisine are much same as today as they were thousands years ago. Local Greek products are exported to most of countries of the world while they success on foreign markets when they become well known for their quality and taste.
You can find secret recipes that move from generation to generation for many years until now and they will keep counting . Many people travel around the globe only for these traditional tastes, in order to discover them. You can be one of them two.

So from all these ingredients the most well known are listed below.

greek feta to taste during vacations

Feta Cheese:
This worldwide famous Greek product called FETA, was certified as an exclusive Greek product after a difficult battle with the European Union.  Soft and hard feta could not be found only on Greek table but also in the menus of the biggest gourmet restraurants of the world. There are many different ways to eat it, raw cooked, with fruits and honey or aged, plain or dressed. It is not just a food you can eat at the end of a meal. It is a food included on regular basis in Greek diet. Not specific rules when to try feta.  You can taste it with wine, beer and it is the most well known export nutrition product in Greece. You can find restaurants and special stores that serve only cheese and wine while the tastes are different from a place to some other. Every feta recipe is unique for every place.
The most famous combination of the Feta cheese is when it is mixed over the Greek Salad with tomato and onion which create all together the well known Greek Salad.

 extra virgin olive oil

Olive Oil:

Olive tree is well known and recognizable symbol of peace worldwide!  Fossilized olive leafs are found on Greek islands of Aegean and Ionian seas and their estimated age said to be about 50-60.000 years old and also the systematic cultivation of olive trees is said to have began to the island of Crete (The biggest Greek island).
Greece produces the finest olive oil in the world and it is one of the top 3 countries that produce it. Except the classic olive oil there is Extra virgin Olive Oil with exceptional quality aroma and taste. It is distilled from the first pressing of the olives without any chemicals or hot water added in it during the processing.It’s acidity is rated about 0.8% to 2%. In Greece about 70% of olive oil is “Extra Virgin” because of the many producers that are on market.

Color and clarity
You may find two types of olive oil. The green one and the golden-yellow one.  The first one is a product became from green olives harvested before growing up completely and it is highly prized by many. The other one is made of ripped olives that become dark brown. Both of them could be called “extra virgin” depending of nutritional values of each crop. If you see a cloudy bottle of olive oil do not worry about the quality it because it is not filtered and it is not a clue of bad quality it is just the taste that may change!

Taste and smell.
It is about what you like. The oil made of green non-riped olives has a bitter or sharp taste and the oil made of ripped olives has a mild and fruity taste. As we already said it is what taste fits better on your velum!
The smell of olives and oil it is very simple and smooth. If if smells bad, something like dirt do not use it. There is a lot of oxidation due to rancidity.

We suggest you to find the real Greek restaurants called “Tavernas” in order to have full Greek cuisine experience!  Keep in mind that tastes between restaurands may vary. There are many recipes but the only certain thing is that you will satisfy all your senses!

souvlaki greek original recipe


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