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What to do after your sailing holiday in Greece
16 Oct 2015
Before sailing south athens walking

Another interesting question is what to do after my sailing holiday is over. And truly speaking, there are a lot of people who came to Greece a few days before their sailing vacation, have been visiting the sights in Athens and the surroundings (click to see how) and now they are back from their sailing vacation and have a lot of time to spend.

We do not expect you to be back from your sailing vacation early on Friday but if you have to be back because one of the crew members has a flight to catch, or if the wind conditions force you to, you can read about the following options that may fill your day interesting.   

afternoon walking near alimos marina

If you are into walking, and have more than two hours to spend, you can just walk from the marina in Alimos with direction to Pireaus area until Flisvos marina. At the exit of the marina you will turn left and start walking to the sidewalk behind the tram station. This is a quit big sidewalk between the sea side and the tram lines, wide enough for runners, walkers, bicycles, strollers etc use it. Flower and trees from both sides and the sea breeze coming from the sea, make it a nice walking spot even during the hot days of the summer.  

marina alimos kidengarden

On your way you will see the beaches that have free access to the public; people hanging out or playing rackets, beach volley or beach soccer. All the beaches at this side of Athens have free access but we do not recommend them for swimming.  

way to faliro marinakidengarden near alimos seaside



Every now and then you can find playgrounds for the children and even places where people can work out for free after their walk or run. The biggest playground is at Faliro area, hidden behind trees and flowers, a nice place to take your young children to.   

There are a lot of places where you can stop, sit at a bench and relax, some with sea view and others under the trees and in the parks. Also a few places where you can buy a cold beer, water, or buy snacks. You can sit at the tables or take them along.  



Some statues and pieces of art can be also found on your way between Alimos and Faliro, the greatest of all is the statue of Konstantinos Paleologos riding his horse, but also a nice art work is the Olympic torch. 

Inside the Faliro Park as it is called at the walking route between Alimos marina and Flisvos marina you can also find a cinema, not a typical cinema but an open summer cinema where you can enjoy a movie and a cold beer under the night sky of Athens. With two plays every day (at 21:00 and 23:00 you may find something that you like to watch, or have missed while on holiday).  

But if you still want to walk further and don’t want to come back just yet, you can go inside the marina of Flisvos and have a café, ice cream, fresh juice, or dinner in one of the restaurants there. This marina is crowded because of the cafes and bars that are there and you have a lot of options to choose from and as long as it is not too dark, and too crowded you can find a table almost on all the restaurants and cafés. There are two restaurants at the upper area, do try them if you are into a gourmet taste dinner. TGI Fridays can be a food option for younger people as well, although this is nothing like typical Greek restaurants. 


park near flisvos

If you don’t want to stop and want to continue walking you will find yourselves right outside the Averof ship which is also a museum of the Greek Navy Force. Unfortunately the opening hour of the museum and all the ships laying right next are until 14:00 on Friday and from 10- 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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bareboat sailing in greece

You are now about an hour walk away from the marina of Alimos, but if you want to continue, you can walk a little bit further away and reach the Faliric delta. The area have been developed for the 2004 Olympic games that were hosted in Athens, but now is again under construction for a new project that will give the town a better access to the beach without cars. The walk to the bridge that crosses the main road will give you a good view of Faliro marina with the Navy ships right behind. Nice scenery during the sunset for your last photos of your walk.  This is the further you can walk as there is a small piece of land between there and the Stadium of peace and friendship that is to be avoided. 

floisvos shopping mall and marina

But if you want, right there you can also find a big shopping mall with shops, restaurants, bowling center and cinemas with the latest films available in Greece and late night screenings.  

Walking back you can choose in three places to change your route and walk either through the parks, or near the seaside. If you have walked from the inner side near the playgrounds you can walk from the seaside for a change. There on the street you can find people selling small things (like jewelry, etc) at their benches.  


things to do in alimos for kids

If you have even more time to spend, you can rent a two seat bicycle and ride along the seaside. Those bicycles can be found in Faliro Park as well.          

You will find people selling fresh grilled corn, or pop corn and nuts, during your walk, Depending on the time of the year maybe different things can be sold, but during June, July and August grilled corn is a must buy. Don’t forget to buy water as salted corn will make you thirsty. 

When it gets dark you can also find street painters, painting their art work right on the spot, or other selling their art work in small benches on the street.

On your way back and if you haven’t stopped for dinner at Flisvos marina, or haven’t tried street corn, your last chance before entering the marina are the two seaside tavernas right before the entrance of the marina. The restaurant of the Poseidon hotel and the restaurant that is called Edem both serve local Greek specialties. They both serve descent food at descent pricing for a dinner right on the beach.  After you enter the marina you can go to kitchen bar of at the café dia noche for a quick snack.      

But there are also more things to do and places that you can visit near this area.  

cemetary near faliro seaside

Right across from the marina lays the Phaleron War Cemetery – The Athens Memorial. This is not a typical cemetery, but a place of piece and memory. In a very big grass yard, in memory of all the people who fought on the side of Greeks between the years 1939 and 1945, known and unknown soldiers are now part of this land. A truly relaxing experience especially if you are there late in the afternoon. The cemetery has view inside the marina from the highest place, where you can sit down for a while.

Another idea if you are not into walking but just want to relax is to walk out of the marina from the second exit with direction to Glyfada area and after only 10 minutes walk and can visit the beach and the beach bars. The Bolivar beach bar is one of the best options that you have so close from the marina. But if you do not mind walking even further away you can go to Nalu and enjoy a cocktail or drinks.

For more options you can take the tram to Glyfada, one of the expensive suburbs in Athens, with expensive stores, and numerous restaurants. The best trends can be always found here. The tram goes through the central commercial street with the stores, and you can get off there and explore the area. You can find restaurants throughout the entire area and the best trends in café’s and bars at Zissimopoulou Street as well as in Laodikis.

If you are not the tram type, with around 17-18 euro you can take a taxi that can drive you directly to one of Glyfada’s restaurants for dinner. You can try Greek gourmet, Italian, Chinese, Tailand, Mexican, or even fast food and more.   

The team of yachtsailing.gr can always recommend the best trends and options that you have and provide you further details according to your interests don’t forget to ask us anything, we are always happy to help.