Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update December 1 2021

New Bookings 2021

+What are your terms if we are not allowed to travel in 2022 due to COVID-19?

With the global vaccination plan being on the way, we feel that the bad days are over. In any case we are here to help all of our guests as we did in 2020 and 2021 in case of official restrictions

Greece has already opened borders and will be available to anyone that has either been completely vaccinated 14 days prior to arrival or has a negative PCR test made no later than 72 hours prior to arrival

At the moment we do have very flexible booking terms meaning we only require a 40% of the boat price as a down payment

In case of a border closure at the time of your trip  then we will issue a credit voucher equal to the payments you have done and you may use it for the next 24 months within our boats and availability. Practically you are not losing anything in case of a border closure

Balance payment is due 4 weeks prior to embarkation. Skipper fees, end cleaning fee and any other extra can be paid upon arrival in our base in order to make it as easy and flexible as possible

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information

+There is no official restriction but I got sick from Covid 19. Do I receive a voucher?

Typical travel insurances cover this case so we encourage all of our guests to consider buying a travel insurance. As far as it stands unfortunately you are NOT eligible for a credit voucher in this case (because it is something that it is not an official restriction and you may easily insure it in a typical travel insurer). We have been supporting all of our guests and have offered hundreds of credit vouchers for everyone that had an official restriction from either Greece or the Guest's country and traveling was restricted according to an official and documentative reason. We encourage everyone to consider the insurance available (Being covid 19 positive and not being able to fly, being practically Covid 19 sick and many other cases that are covered in the terms of the insurances)

+Is a flight cancellation considered an official restriction in order to receive a voucher?

We have been supporting all of our guests and have offered hundreds of credit vouchers for everyone that had an official restriction from either Greece or the Guest's country and traveling was restricted according to an official and documentative reason. Same for obligatory quarantines of 7 days or more. It is impossible for us to control all the airlines of the world that may cancel flights for any reason (either because the plane is not full or because of any other reason important for the airline maybe regardless of Covid). So, unfortunately you are NOT eligible for a credit voucher in this case, but you can consider hiring an insurance that may cover this principle.

We do understand the uncertainty out there and we are here to help, we feel that for 2022 airlines will be super cautious and travel will be close to normality once it has been programmed

+My country suggests me not to travel but there is no restriction/border closure or quarantine. Can I receive a voucher or reschedule?

Unfortunately this is NOT something we can cover. In this global situation most countries discourage their citizens to travel. It is logical that you will receive advice for staying into your country. If you have selected to make a reservation within Covid 19 this is something that has always been there in the first place. For all travelers that have selected to travel we are here to assist them in case of a border closure. We cannot cover advice and suggestions to avoid travel as there are no restrictions in place. So in case you wish to cancel your reservation because of an advice or a travel suggestion 'not to travel' we cannot issue a voucher in this case (unless there is a border closure)

Hopefully your travel cancellation insurance may refund you in case you select to cancel your reservation because of your Governmental advice

Is there an update regarding 2021 season opening?

+August 1 Update

At the moment all trips sail out with no restriction and everyone is sailing without any concern like a normal summer!

For any information regarding the entrance requirements please visit:


General note on our actions

+Why are you creating a special policy for COVID 19?

For everyone at, the personal safety and health of our guests and our personnel is a top priority. 

Due to the special circumstances of the COVID -19 Pandemic, Governments throughout the world have applied travel restrictions to certain people, nationalities, and/or countries recently visited. These extra ordinary measures but also the uncertainty to travel during these unprecedented times, has led to many travel cancellations and changes. 

From the very first moment, we have introduced flexible and precautionary measures in order to ensure that you continue to feel safe whenever you make a booking or you have already a booking with us.

+What are your practical actions and tools towards your guests?

In order to assist our guests with upcoming trips, who cannot reach Greece due to official documentative travel restrictions - if there is a restriction/ban at the date of their embarkation (we check all dates 6 weeks prior to embarkation date) we offer:

The possibility to reschedule their trip at a later date of 2021


A credit voucher of equal value to the amount they have paid for their current trip, valid for redemption on any future booking within the next 24 months among our boats/availability/rates.

Please see in this page rescheduling and Credit Voucher Terms and Conditions

Covid-19 information

+How can I get info about Covid-19?

For any further information, please contact National Public Health Organization (HCDCP, Τ: 210 5212000) and General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

National Public Health Organization HCDCP

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO Video

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC)


+How is the hygiene and sanitation of the crew up to date?

Following the current developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus we are in communication with relevant authorities regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19), in order to receive all necessary guidelines with regards to both precautionary or reactive measures.

+What are the cleaning standards/procedures that you follow between trips?

We have already taken strong measures following best practices and recommendations of WHO and NPHO with regards to specific boat interior cleaning procedures for both regular and periodic cleaning between charters and disinfection of boats interior in order to achieving high standards of hygiene and sanitation, to protect travelers and crews engaged in a boat charter.

Following the current developments regarding the spread of the Coronavirus the we have already amplified standard cleaning procedures between all trips, both after previous guests disembarkation but also prior to next guests arrival. In addition, we have already set up a process for disinfection with a specialized disinfection company using dioxide chlorine for a more detailed result.

Travel Restrictions

+Where can I find information if travel to Greece is restricted?

As the current situation is dynamic, new restrictions are imposed or end every day. Based on the European Union’s decision, at the moment, there is a ban for all flights outside Schengen until 15 of June. You may check here (IATA official site) in order to see regulations that may apply to the country you are traveling to/from.