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Why is there a price difference between the yachts?
16 Feb 2015

I can find a 32 feet yacht for 850 euro and at the same time a 37 feet for the same period for 1800 euro. Why is that?

The price of a yacht depends on four basic factors:

  • The combination of length/number of cabins
  • The manufacture year (year of built also seen as YOB)
  • The shipyard where it is built
  • The luxuries that it offers


Newer yachts are always more expensive that older ones. Usually the charter price of a yacht is lowered after the 5th year, and is even lowered after the 8th year.

Some brands like Beneteau and Jeanneau are chartered more expensive that for example Bavaria yachts as it is more expensive to buy them, over a similar size and number of cabin Bavaria, but this is not the rule. There are exceptions depending on the models.

Similar sized yachts are usually more expensive when they have more cabins. For example a 3 cabin 42 feet yacht is less expensive than a 42 feet, 4 cabin yacht, because it can host more people sleeping in the cabins. But it can be much more expensive when it is ‘owner’s version’ having one master cabin in front usually most luxurious against common sailing yachts.

One other factor is the extra features. A yacht equipped with generator, air conditioning, hydraulic gangways, electric winches etc, can be more expensive than a same size/same brand yacht with no luxuries.


Does the brand matters? It is the same as with cars. You can drive a Fiat and a Ferrari, both will take you where you need to go, but you will be more comfortable and faster in one of them. If you are used to space you can choose a slightly older yacht (but always make sure that it is maintained well) over a newer one smaller.

A good sailor will sail well on a small yacht or on a huge one, but when the wind is not enough the motor is something that matters if you need to follow a certain route. In this case the yacht should have a powerful enough engine to provide this. This is something that might have a small impact on the price as well. A same sized yacht can be more expensive than another one if one of them has a more powerful engine.


The price difference also between periods is something that someone can consider when his holiday depends on that. April and May are more economic that June and July, and August is the most expensive month as this is the peak of the season, the holiday time for children all around the world. And at the same time the hottest period in Greece. Prices are falling again in September and even more in October and early November.

If you plan your holiday early enough you can take advantage of the early booking discount that is valid until the 31st January. There is a lot of availability then and the discount gives people one more reason to book their charter in advance.  But you can also find good deals and special offers even in the high season if it is last minute request and there is availability.