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Sailing packing checklist: What to bring on board!
22 Feb 2016
Packing checklist for sailing in Greece

What to pack on a sailing trip? Most travelers take too many clothes, the girls having in mind the nightlife of the Greek islands, they pack all of their shoes and the guys do not want to miss their favorite gadgets!

Note that storage space is at a premium on a sailing charter and overladen suitcases are particularly difficult to store and comfort while sailing.

We created some images in order to suggest you what to pack for your next sailing charter in Greece.

Let's start:

The packing list for the girls:


You might have in mind that the most exciting thing about being on a sailing yacht is that you will constantly be to the great outdoors! Of course, that is the real point: The fresh sea breeze cooling your face, the hot sun beating down on your back all day long, the sea salt curling your hair… sounds like daydreaming, but we all have to remember to care for our skin out to the hot sun, especially when it is going to be scorching.

Girls: Reducing your packing list is the alpha and omega for any kind of sailing trip because as we said before, storage space on board is usually limited. You can take your bikinis, light dresses and 1 evening outfit as the sailing holidays has an alternative approach of going out. You have to feel classy but free! 

And what about the shoes? 

1 pair (or max 2) of nice sandals, 1 pair of flip-flops and a pair of your comfy sneakers. Do not forget: Staying barefoot on deck is the best way to keep balance and stability!

sailing for girls- packing list


If you already have a hanging toiletry bag with your toiletries, try to keep the most useful inside and keep it inside the bunk, in order to access easily. Keep it small including your skin and hair care, shampoo, and conditioner. Carry with you your small brush and not your home dryer, but the small one for your trips.

Whatever you do, don’t even think about bringing a hard roller suitcase! You’ll be living in some tiny quarters where space is minimal, so a soft duel bag or backpack is ideal for getting into tight areas.

The packing list for the guys:


The suggestions for men are more simple, it is about the adventure here but anything else. You are going to be alright with 5 t-shirts, 2 pairs of bathing shorts, 2 pairs of regular shorts and 1 pair of jeans. Clothes take up the most space in your luggage, so don’t pack many.

pack checklist for a sailing man

If you want your freedom in the Greek seas and feel the adventure like an original sailor man you do not have to shave. But if you would like so, try to take the least of your hanging toiletry bag. Do not forget your skin products. The sun can harm your skin badly.


Note for both: You may have on schedule to visit Greek Orthodox churches along the way. In terms of the dress code, you need to be dressed modestly. Women need to wear skirts, and men need to wear long trousers.

Packing for both guys and girls

Packing list for sailing electronics

Electronics: An extra phone battery, Camera and chargers, adapters, noise canceling headphones instead of earplugs and of-course your ultimate summer playlist and you can plug in your iPhone in all of our sailing yachts.

Documents and currency for sailing

These are probably the most important to consider before your sailing trip start:

Documents and Currency

A valid passport is what you are going to need for your airplane but not only. Keep always with you your valid passport and keep a photocopy inside the boat, for the bad case. A valid visa, if you are not a European visitor. Your insurance papers, both your travel insurance and the boat insurance. Ensure you have enough access to the local currency, including cash and credit cards.

Paperwork - Bring with you your charter package and paperwork – this includes any contact information for the people at the charter company. License – if you’re sailing the boat yourself, don’t forget your boat license. You can check more at the sailing culture article about the float plan and more documentation.

Last but not least:

What to avoid bring onboard


 not to  bring on board for sailing