YOU ARE READING:Unwritten rules of nice behavior when travelling with a yacht
Unwritten rules of nice behavior when travelling with a yacht
14 May 2015
Sailing behaviour tips

> When you enter late into a port or you are trying to moor last in a yacht crowdie bay, remember not to release your anchor over the anchors of the moored yachts.

Space definition is rather subjective. However try to respect other people’s privacy. “Do not moor very close to other yachts (especially if you have all the Mediterranean sea available)”

> Respect nature and surrounding sights. Don’t leave garbage into bays you have been staying or beaches you have reached with your dinghy.

When sailing in the same course with another yacht respect the distance of safety. Don’t forget that there is plenty of sea for everyone.

Share as more as you canIf there are 3 yachts and only 1 electricity socket remaining, speak with the other fellow captains to find a way to share water or electricity.


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behavior when travelling with a yacht


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