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10 + 1 Reasons to visit Greece in 2015
7 May 2015


To visit the Greek islands.


We encourage you to think outside the box. Mykonos and Santorini is magnificent but so is the other 2498 remaining islands. Immaculate views that will make your heart beat.


Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Milos, Sifnos, Kea, Antiparos. Although I come from Sifnos, the silent power of the Cyclades with the captivating atmosphere, I have travelled to many Greek islands all of these years. The beauty and the views you will face when you reach every single island, is truly unique. From the silent, native and basic way of living in Koufonisia, to the famous white passages of global known Mykonos you can find services for all types of desires. One thing is certain, the magic is there for you to explore in every island and her habitants. Visiting a less commercial island, especially the hot season, would have multiple benefits. Firstly, the islands that are not so popular, tend to be more affordable and low-cost. The reason is the basics of economics-demand and supply effect. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite island (after Sifnos) is Mykonos, but is logical that prices are a step more expensive than the surrounding Cyclades islands. Secondly, if you are visiting a place that is packed, most probably you will not have the time of your life. It is true that the quality of services of Mykonos and Santorini are into very efficient standards and ready to support thousands of visitors, but still if we want to think practically, there will be less space for everyone. Therefore we encourage you to try visiting many islands, including the popular ones. Don’t forget that there are many foreign visitors that just came for a visit and stayed for a lifetime in the Greek islands. The number of the islands is quite large, counting approximately 2500 as we speak and just 227 inhabited, I am sure that you will find your favorite one if you start visiting now. The best way to explore the Greek islands is by far visiting with a sailing yacht. You will have the chance to visit many islands in one trip and get an idea of many beautiful places and people in a short time.


To visit Athens.

The city that is overall a fantastic place to be. Walk through the path of history and let ancient Greece touch you in a friendly manner while walking within the streets of Plaka and Monastiraki.


Monastiraki Square

 When you think of Greece, one of the first words that come into mind is Athens, the capital. If you visit Greece and if you only plan to visit the islands I suggest you to think again. Athens is a very interestin city for multipole reasons and I encourage you to have a small homework and have a look into magical Athens. For me if I was to put it on a 1-2-3 basis I would say that Athens should be visited beacase:

  1. The walk through history. If you visit the streets of ancient Plaka, old Agora which are all connected by a pedestrian path you will be navigating through the place were history was born. Not to mention the evidence of archaeological monuments that have been the pioneer of historical architecture and civilization.

  2. It is safe. You can easily navigate with no worries and second thoughts for your safety.

  3. It is easy to move and change locations. With the metro everything is very convenient and simple. All signs are in English as well and routes for navigating are pretty straight forward.

  4. There are plenty of Museums with interesting topics, gathered all together. If you plan beforehand you may be able to have free access.

  5. Everyone speaks English which makes it easy to communicate with everyone.

  6. Many choices of night life. Plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants and a city that never sleeps will keep you company if you like to stay up late.

  7. Perfect shopping market. From old and used material sold in the center of Athens to high end shopping malls for the most

  8. It is near the sea. In fifteen minutes you can drive to the sea and have a swim into a nice environment.

The nightlife.


Greeks enjoy partying and having a good time. Relax and make your selves at home while visiting the famous bouzoukia!

Greeks are famous for their outgoing spirit and tend to party. Practically this means that everybody is out during summertime and the city never sleeps. In the city center there are small lamps everywhere and people walking even in the early morning hours. The normal dinner time varies from 8-9.30. Following this time scale all coffee shops, restaurants and bars have their small tables in the pedestrian paths and get ready to welcome their night visitors. In the city center everything is setup in walking distance so you have the possibility to move around very easily. For those of you that want to experience the classic Greek night life, you should visit the places called ‘Bouzoukia’ which are clubs with live Greek music and Greek singers.



 Plaka Streets by Night


The food

When it comes to taste you have come to the capital of Mediterranean flavors. A combination of recipes perfected from one generation to the other along with the fresh products served all in one just for you.


The one and only Souvlaki with pita!

Greece has the most delicious and interesting cuisine of the med. No flattery here. The basic reason for this success is the freshness of the ingredients and the simplicity of the mixture. Are you a meat lover? You will be amazed by the number of meat kinds which are cooked either with a traditional flavor mixed with vegetables or with the help of pure fire and embers.

Don’t miss to try the following plates:
-Souvlaki with pita
-Choriatiki (traditional salad)
-Mousaka (famous)
-Fresh fish when you visit the islands

Trust me there are a lot more for you to taste when you visit Greece, there are thousands of books with unique recipes. I am pretty sure that by the time you will be returning home you will have your own favorite taste.


The Greek hospitality.

This expression has become so common that has lostits original meaning and might sound ordinary. Luckily not the case for Greeks in the islands who will be happy to invite you for a beer, or maybe 2.


Greek hospitality is certainly the key characteristic of the Greek spirit. It is amazing that someone opens the door of his home and is ready to welcome the visitor and to treat him as a friend. The most important key difference is that in Greece no one is waiting a return for that or tries to gain something by this behavior. This is, who Greeks truly are. Just to be fair I would like to clarify that the friendliness and communication spirit is more alive in the islands or in the country side since as you can understand in big cities people lives are a bit different as in all main cities of the world.


For the island hopping

With 2500 islands it would be foolish of you not to rent a sailing boat a visit many islands within a week. It is easy and doable for anyone.


Things to my eyes are quite simple. I will just mention a single rule to have in mind:

Sailing boat + island hopping = Perfect vacation


With a sailing yacht you can explore hundreds of small places and little paradise, just within one trip. You will see numerous islands, meet different people, taste different and unique recipes from one place to the other. You will dive in crystal clear waters with maximum safety and you will save money from your overall vacation budget at the end of the day.

>> You can read more in our island hopping article here.


For the beaches

Nominated as the No1 European beaches combination Greek island beaches differ one from the other and could be sandy in an island and rocky just to the next. It's really interesting to navigate and see for yourself.


 Plaka Beach, Naxos 


In the Greek islands (and in Athens as well) you will find crystal clear waters where you will most probably like to stay swimming all day (and night). If you are travelling with a sailing yacht then you will have the chance to reach unique beaches and locations that are not accessible by a car, bike or any other vehicle. Trust me there are hundreds of beaches for you to discover with one sailing yacht


Because its affordable

Greece is considered a very affordable country and especially the islands confirm this rule. Just make sure you know which places to visit and we are sure we are talking a great value for money.


Basic rule of economics: Demand and supply effect. There more demand the highest the price in our case. This practically means that the prices in the majority of the islands which are not so popular (but equally beautiful) are lower than the ones in the touristic famous destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini. Of course you can still visit Mykonos and Santorini with a minimum budget (and you should) but as a general rule the non-touristic islands will be cheaper as well. This is why I propose the trip with a sailing yacht. In order to be able to visit any location or island you like and at the end of the day your budget to remain the same no matter what.


The wine is booming

The last decade more and more traditional and local types of wine have been produced and will navigate your senses to a tasteful and inspiring journey.

Going back into centuries wine was a part of Greece. Until now we have a very big production of many kinds and flavors of wine. It does not mean that it is expensive. In most of the islands you will find immaculate wine served by the restaurants and tavernas which is an in house production for their clients.


 Greek local wine of Santorini


Because its easy to get and difficult to forget.

Easily accessible via plane, train or bus depending where you come from. Not to mention that you will communicate easily since the majority of the population speaks English fluently.


Since I am Greek and I could be considered non objective I would leave the part of why Greece is difficult to forget, for you to comment. It is true that we have many persons and couple that came just for vacation and stayed for a lifetime


Perfect climate.

Sun is shining and the water is crystal clear.

In terms of climate Greece is definitely blessed.

If you like hot and sunny you will love Greece. Then again if you like cold and windy also you will love Greece.

The climate for every taste and desire is here.


The view from Sounio Cape

Famous for the windy days of August (which is not always the case between you and me) and the pleasant temperatures of June and September Greece is here to make you feel that you are on vacation.




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