31 Oct 2023
little cylades with a catamaran


When sailing in the Cyclades many are not aware of the little precious and incredibly gorgeous hidden islands of the “Little Cyclades”. Crystal clears waters, delicious little taverns, and endless interesting hiking trails await those seeking to discover the hidden beauty of these little gems. Situated between Naxos and Armorgos, this little complex of islands consists of Donoussa, Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Koufonisia. Due to the fact the islands only got electricity in 1982 they have managed to keep relatively underneath the radar. However over the last decade they have begun receiving a lot more interest and attention. 

With permanent residents populations of only a couple of hundred, it is difficult to describe in words the serene and peaceful atmosphere which projects off these incredibly relaxing and stress free locations. The sea available to swim in is flawless and will shock those visiting with its incredible crystal clear and aqua blue waters. All visitors will be reminded of the importance of simplicity, enjoying the minimalistic approach the locals have to living life to the fullest. It is no secret that Greece has delicious food and fantastic cuisine, expect no difference when visiting the charming local taverns available on the “Little Cyclades”.

Sailing in the Little Cyclades from Athens is a wonderful way to explore these remarkable and less-visited islands in this part of the Aegean Sea. Here's a sample sailing itinerary for exploring the Little Cyclades from Athens:


Day 1: Athens to Naxos

Start your journey in Athens

Sail to Naxos

Explore Naxos Town (Chora), visit the Portara, and enjoy dinner at a seaside taverna.


Day 2: Naxos to Iraklia

Sail from Naxos to Iraklia, a small and quiet island.

Anchor at the picturesque harbor in Agios Georgios.

Spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the serene surroundings.


Day 3: Iraklia to Schinoussa

Sail from Iraklia to Schinoussa, another tranquil island.

Explore the charming village of Chora and its beautiful beaches.

Enjoy the local cuisine at a traditional taverna.


Day 4: Schinoussa to Koufonisia

Sail to Koufonisia, a group of two islands (Kato Koufonisi and Pano Koufonisi).

Visit pristine beaches, such as Pori and Fanos.

Explore Chora and its lively atmosphere.


Day 5: Koufonisia to Donoussa

Continue your journey to Donoussa, a remote and unspoiled island.

Anchor at the main harbor, Stavros, and explore the village.

Enjoy hiking or swimming at some of the island's secluded beaches.


Day 6: Donoussa to Amorgos

Sail to the island of Amorgos, known for its dramatic landscapes.

Visit the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, which is perched on a cliff.

Explore the town of Chora and its charming alleys.


Day 7: Amorgos to Naxos

Head back to Naxos to catch a ferry back to Athens.

Spend your last night in Naxos, enjoying the vibrant nightlife and local cuisine.


Day 8: Return to Athens

These islands are untouched, raw, and off the radar. A Little Cyclades sailing vacation will take your breath away with the amount of hidden locations, remarkable landscapes, caves, secluded beaches and exquisite bays awaiting your discovery. After sunset and relaxing aboard with friends and family, everyone will be fascinated with the visibility of the stars and the moon present during your vacation. The lack of infrastructure and mass tourist facilities is the reason the night skies are so vivid in comparison to the overcrowded and overly lit islands of Mykonos and Santorini.


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Having a skipper aboard will be an enormous advantage than if you had ventured to this region on your own. With years of experience in the Cyclades, navigating everyone to fascinating bays and locations will be a walk in the park. Chances are they will have some social ties on the islands you are visiting and can offer genuine suggestions of what to do and where to eat in order to have the best overall experience during your sailing vacation.

little cyclades sunset

With all these beautiful beaches, remote locations and the simple, peaceful lifestyle. Everyone will have the opportunity to sit back, relax, and re-charge their batteries. During an adventure of the Little Cyclades expect to go hiking through exceptional scenic routes, explore gorgeous golden coasts and bays, marvel at the beauty of the white homes with gorgeous flowerbeds, and indulge in fresh fish whenever you please. Trust us when we say “this Little Cyclades adventure will be a holiday for the ages!”


This itinerary offers a relaxed pace and allows you to explore the beauty and tranquility of these areas, with opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and experiencing the local culture and cuisine. Sailing in the Cyclades is truly wonderful and should be a vacation everyone remembers for years to come.