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Catamaran Charter with a hostess in Greece
21 Jun 2023

Sailing in Greece is one of the most popular and rewarding experiences one can have when visiting the country. Venturing off into the sunset cruising the calm Greek Seas offers guests the chance to visit some of the most iconic and awe inspiring locations in the world.

Sail with a catamaran charter in Greece and witness firsthand the many treasures others have discovered during their adventures of the magnificent Greek Isles. Over the last decades there has not only been an increase in demand for catamaran sailing boats, but also substantial enhancements to the layout, features, comfort and specifications of the boats. Nowadays they can be expected to have a number of amenities as well as luxuries and are commonly referred to as floating hotels. Beautiful beaches, abundance of sunshine, and pristine waters all come rushing to mind when thinking of Greece and her gorgeous islands. Why not come sail with a catamaran charter in Greece cruising in style witnessing these indescribable locations in person instead of on postcards!?

When planning to hire a catamaran for your Greek sailing vacation, there are a number of choices guests will want to take into account. These decisions are purely up to each person or group's personal interests or preferences. By selecting to have a hostess, there are so many ways this crew member will be beneficial and enhance your whole vacation. All are worth mentioning in order to assist those considering this option or who want to know more of the role your hostess will play while you are onboard. So without further ado, let's dive in and take a look at the many ways a hostess can be a game changer and add to the already incredible experience which awaits those planning a Greek sailing vacation. 

The most frequently asked question is how does hiring a hostess work?

For those looking to have a truly relaxing and stress free break away from the burdens of everyday life, hiring a hostess is something they would want to seriously take into consideration. However, for those who like to manage things on their own and oversee everyday chores and tasks, selecting a hostess would not be of any specific advantage to either party involved. In most cases the assumption would be that everyone’s ideal fantasy holiday is sitting back relaxing and not worrying about a thing. Upon making the decision of having a hostess everyone can be sure priority is given to their comfort, needs, and overall satisfaction.

All cleaning, tidying, and changing of bed linens will be attended to on a daily basis with the utmost care. In general the entire boat will be tidy, neat and comfortable for the guests during their cruise of the Greek Islands. All laundry needs and cleaning of clothing will also be taken care of. In terms of meals, guests can expect a delicious breakfast prepared for them every morning before embarking on their daily adventures. For lunch carefully selected local ingredients purchased from the local markets available on the islands will be used in order to provide everyone with unique and authentic meals. For dinner it is recommended to venture to land and explore the excellent flavors on offer at the local taverns on the islands they are visiting. Many of them overlook the beaches and sea and have wonderful and romantic views. It is here where most will get their first taste of the famous “Greek Hospitality” and wonderful atmosphere each area has to offer. 

Not only will your hostess tend to the needs of the guests onboard, but will also have thorough knowledge of the areas being visited. Any requests for recommendations concerning restaurants reservations or places worth going will be provided upon request. Exceptional execution and great care will be given to special events like birthdays, anniversaries, or engagement celebrations, which guests plan to enjoy during their cruise. Her knowledge will also be available for anyone looking to explore the historical sights, natural landmarks, or interesting hiking trails available on all the islands. 

Overall choosing to have a hostess onboard is definitely a way to enhance the overall experience of a yacht sailing vacation. It is always an advantage having an individual with knowledge of the local areas, history, culture, cuisine and people. Many who have been on this type of vacation often mention that after the holiday it feels as if they have made a new best friend who feels like family. An individual who is always respectful of your privacy and willing to provide assistance for anything you may need, this is what makes having a hostess such a popular request and a wise decision. 

At Yachtsailing.gr we aim at assisting you every step of the way when planning this incredible vacation. Besides a hostess, there are other features or additions you can make to your boat which can make a big difference. So by communicating your needs and wants to us, we can help guide you to what we believe would be the best options for you during your yacht sailing vacation in Greece.

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