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How to get to Cyclades for Sailing
1 Jun 2023

When considering visiting the Greek Islands of the Cyclades, many are not aware of their options or where to begin from. One of the best ways and maybe one of the most effective would be island hopping vacation which would incorporate a variety of islands with beautiful views of their landscapes and scenery from a distance before arriving on their shores. The easiest and fastest way to do this, would be to arrive in Athens and begin your journey from the country's capital. Many refer to Athens as the cradle of western civilization, so whether you decide to check out the sights before you begin your adventure in the Cyclades Islands or after, it promises to be a worthwhile experience. The Cyclades are considered to be some of the most beautiful islands in the country, this is why they attract a huge number of visitors every year. Although Mykonos and Satorini have grabbed the headlines for decades, many of those who visit have begun to discover the local secrets and less commercial islands available to visit when in this beautiful country. 

Our headquarters are located in Alimos Marina, which is a coastal area just a stone throw away from the capital, and depending on traffic approximately 30-40 minutes away from the Athens international airport. This location allows us to provide a very convenient start to your epic adventure of the Cyclades. This type of vacation takes a considerable amount of planning and is usually booked at least a year in advance. Being in the industry for over two decades we have booked trips for thousands of guests, providing them with the details and knowledge needed to effectively plan this special style of vacation. One thing is for certain, everyone begins from the same point. The duration of a Greek Island charter is typically 1 week, however there is always an option to select as many weeks as you desire. Once you have selected your catamaran and confirmed the dates of your vacation, you will then need to make a few more decisions concerning the details of your trip. When booking a catamaran sailing vacation in the Greek Islands you will need to decide if you would like a skipper, a crew, or a hostess for your charter. When selecting only a skipper you can be sure you are getting an experienced professional, who will not only guide you through the seas, but also act as your own personal host of the areas you will be visiting. Prepare to have a wonderful experience learning about the elements, finding out where the locals go, and in general an authentic Greek sailing vacation. 


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If you have decided that along with your captain you would like to include a hostess, this will surely add to the whole experience. By including this extra member on board, everyone can focus on spending quality time together. Your hostess will take care of keeping the boat tidy, as well as prepare breakfast and lunch. She will also have a lot of knowledge of the areas you will be visiting, so she and your skipper will take care of everyone's desires during your cruise. Finally, selecting a crewed catamaran charter is the ultimate way to enjoy the Cyclades. With a skipper, hostess, and cook, all your needs and desires will be met with the utmost care and efficiency. 

With either a skipper and hostess included or a crewed charter, you will be sent a preference sheet prior to your charter. All you will have to do is check off which food and beverages you prefer and the ones you dislike. Here you can also include any type of dietary restrictions or food allergies anyone has in your group. You may also mention if there are any special requests, important celebrations, or activities you would like to incorporate into your trip. Once completed, all these details will be taken into account and will be ready for you once you arrive. When planning the itinerary you may choose to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. Some guests might have their hearts set on specific places, while others put their trust in the crew to decide the best combination of locations. No matter what type of trip you decide, our crew members are experts on every sailing destination you will be visiting during your charter. Rest assured you will be guided to all the hotspots, hidden locations, and secrets of the islands you will be visiting. They will also make any sort of adjustments needed along the way if needed due to the weather conditions during your cruise. When island hopping in the Cyclades you also have the added bonus of altering your itinerary when you think you rather spend more time on a specific island or in a specific area. 

The lesser known islands in the Cyclades are some of the most unique in the world, and each has its own unique characteristics, cuisine, traditions, and historical sights. There are a huge variety of beaches to enjoy which all have incredibly pristine crystal clear waters. Folegandros is known for its enchanted settlement which sits on the edge of a cliff with some of the most dramatic and beautiful sunsets in the Cyclades. Witness the chalk-like appearance of the landscape of Kimolos and her thermal springs and the lunar appearance of certain places in Milos. Antiparos is another mesmerizing little island in the Cyclades just besides Paros. The island has incredible natural beauty and limitless sandy beaches. Cycladic Culture is prominent on the island which is noticeable from some of the remaining structures and architecture. Antyparos also has wonderful cliffs you can observe while sailing around the island and a host of caves and inlets available for exploration. The islands of Koufonisia, Donoussa, and Schinoussa have also managed to remain under the tourist radar, however Koufonisia has gained some traction over recent years.

So besides Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, and Ios, there is simply so much to see in the Cyclades. Although the islands mentioned are famous and extremely beautiful in their own ways, it is nice to have a mixture of different places and mix and match if need be. The Cyclades has a reputation for big swells and high winds during the months of July and August. So it is always wise to discuss your itinerary with your captain on the day of your arrival. This way you can both devise more accurate plans for the locations you desire to visit and set realistic expectations which should translate into a pleasant and unforgettable experience. For instance, many people have their hearts set on going to Santorini which is located quite far from Athens, and is approximately 140 miles away. When chartering for a week, this is quite an unrealistic expectation to have when considering this type of vacation. The meaning of yachting vacation in the Greek islands is to be pleasant and relaxing. In order to reach Santorini you would need many sailing hours per day which would feel more like work than vacation. 

When cruising the Greek Islands on board one of our catamarans, you can be sure that all vessels have been recently maintained, follow all safety protocols and are approved and certified by the Lloyds  Registry. All our crew members have been carefully selected and are dedicated and passionate to guide our guests to stunning locations, hidden hotspots, and reveal all the secrets of the islands. All this while constantly being aware of the weather conditions present and making sure guests are safe and having a great time during their sails in Greece. Here at Yachtsailing we believe all our positive feedback and reviews are due to the fact that we are pragmatic to our approach to your holidays and truly want to try to meet your expectations while taking into account anything which can be an obstacle during your journey in the Greek Islands. Our passion is to fulfill your desires and make sure you've had an authentic Greek Island sailing experience, that all your needs are met, and you have have a holiday of a lifetime. 

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