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Beautiful Greece
15 Jul 2014

Do you think it is possible to describe a sailing destination by using just words and photos?

If you think the answer is yes, then we suggest that you better change your mind because this is not possible for Greece. It is not only the 2000 islands or 13.000 miles of coastline but it is the combination of sun, wind and sea that makes this yachting place unique.It is the sea Greek spiritthat you have to live it through sailing, to feel through sailing before you can even start to imagine!

Greece is all surrounded by blue!

διαχωριστικό φωτό

Greece is definitely blessed for sailing and a legendary seafaring country. If you ask yachtsmen the only obstacle they face while they explore is time because of thousands miles to cover and thousands places to visit.

Time is never enough in order to sail through this mythical location. Our suggestion is if you want to truly explore Greece and Greek seas then you better have a time and good advice!


Take a breathe and check this video:


This land of Gods is known also for beauty sun and clarity of lights. It inspired many artists, writers, poets and travelers for the pas thousand years for their running projects.
Think about it! There are more than 2000 islands.. No joke here.. Of course not all of the islands are accessible by car, ferries or plane. The only way would be through sailing, with your private boat or a charter yacht that will give you the opportunity to visit places that either are not accessible or have very few habitants who live on their ‘ROCK’ as they so call it.

Everyday a different island

διαχωριστικό φωτό

Since I mentioned using a sailing boat to

explore Greece I would here describe what I mean about the numerous possibilities you have if you explore Greece on a sailing boat.

crystal clear waters all over Greece

διαχωριστικό φωτό
While you are onboard you may stop for instance, totally isolated bays and pristine beaches backed by imposing cliffs striated with the colors of rough geology. Only with a yacht you can approach uninhabited islands where the last visitor was last year and he was the shepherd who grazes his goat herd there.  It is possible to access more popular islands too.

What Greece is all about is the islands, the location the people, the hospitality. For some reason the atmosphere created in these places is like time freezes will a slow blast of warm wind keeps you company along your sailing trip.

traditional recipes and wine


Greeks still have the welcome mat out. They are surely a part of what makes Greece special. Without the indomitable warmth and hospitality of Greek people, this country could be completely different, they make you feel like home. They have passion for life, they are hardworking and calm. This is what makes your visit experience in country totally unforgettable. 

Each island something a different surprise

διαχωριστικό φωτό

We can spend hours describing the numerous Greek islands and the even more sailing locations you could visit. In order to be practical we need to say that since most of the visitors have limited amount of time for their vacation i.e. from one to three weeks, then what will make your vacation surely most efficient and pleasant is the correct trip planning.
We will be happy to chat with you and according on your time scale and sailing preference we will surely propose a trip that you will be more that satisfied.

So, here it is then.. There is only one thing you have to do to start your vacation.
 Do not imagine it. Tempt your senses and come for sailing in GREECE!

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